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NRCS and Forest Service partner to improve forest health

Fire map NRCS and Forest Service partner to improve forest health







The United States Forest Service and the Natural Resources Conservation Service entered into a multi-year partnership, the Chiefs’ Joint Landscape Restoration Partnership, to improve the health and resiliency of forest ecosystems where public and private lands meet across the nation.

The vision is to restore landscapes regardless of land ownership, reduce wildfire threats to communities and landowners, protect water quality and supply and improve habitat for at-risk species. 

Now in its second year, this unique partnership is working across traditional barriers to ensure more efficient and effective conservation work in these vital landscapes. NRCS and Forest Service will invest $10 million this year in 15 new projects to improve conditions on public and private lands.

Last year, NRCS and FS invested $30 million in 13 projects, which will result in conservation improvements to over 266,000 acres. An additional $27 million will be provided to continue work on last year’s projects.

There are now 28 Landscape Restoration Partnership projects in 25 states addressing critical conservation issues in a wide range of ecosystems.

These projects build on existing projects and partnerships. By leveraging technical and financial resources and coordinating activities on adjacent public and private lands, conservation work by NRCS and FS will be more efficient and effective in these watersheds.

The agencies are reviewing additional sites for collaboration and will continue to build upon this “all lands” approach to landscape restoration.

Map of all 28 Ongoing Projects
FY14 Project Summaries
FY15 Project Summaries
FY15 Project Funding Chart
FY14 2nd Year Project Funding Chart
FY14 Accomplishments by Project