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Feature Brief for Senior's Magazines   United States Department of Agriculture
Natural Resources Conservation Service
P.O. Box 2890
Washington, DC 20013

What's at Home in Your Backyard?

Take a look at your backyard.

Is it a comfortable place where you sit and catch up with close friends? Can your grandchildren chase butterflies or get eye-to-eye with a ladybug? Or is it a living canvas where you are the artistic, experienced gardener who continually adds new colors and textures to the scene?

Your backyard has so much potential. How much of it have you explored?

A new project, called Backyard Conservation, can help you explore and enjoy your backyard as a conservationist. And that can be rewarding for you and your family while being kind to nature.

It does not matter whether your yard is measured in acres, feet, or flower pots, backyard conservation is for homeowners and urban residents who want to make their yards a friendlier place for nature. By calling 1-888-LANDCARE, you can request a Backyard Conservation booklet that showcases 10 conservation practices that will work in your backyard--terracing, tree planting, composting, mulching, wildlife habitat, wetlands, ponds, water conservation, nutrient management, and pest management.

Both the call and the booklet are free.

This project is sponsored by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD), and the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). The conservation practices are scaled-down versions of "tried and true" practices that America's farmers and ranchers have been using for decades to protect and beautify the countryside.

Backyard Conservation provides sound advice that will help you transform your yard into a natural haven for birds, blooms, and beauty...and help you become a backyard conservationist.


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