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Backyard Conservation - Movie Transcript

I love my yard.
I want it nice
But what I need is good advice
On how to make it nice for me,
While helping nature and humanity.
I don't know how I might cause harm.

I'll show you what works for me.
Just come to my farm.
We've done our best to conserve
The land from east to west.

Soil that lasts, insects that pray,
I've got a lot to learn, we say.
Trees that protect and water thats clean.
Now I see what you mean.

Call for this book [1-888-LANDCARE] filled with things you can do.
Backyard Conservation, it'll grown on you!

Scene from 'Backyard' movie See our 30 second Backyard movie. This video requires Apple Quicktime.

Apple Quicktime MovieBackyard Movie (449K)

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