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Success Stories Georgia Grazing Land Conservation Coalition Transforms Farm

Georgia Grazing Land Conservation Coalition Transforms Farm in Bulloch County Georgia, June 2007

Cows on a pasture.Dennis Akins enthusiastically calls his GGLCC project back forty to front forty According to Akins, by pasture and cows were on the back of the farm just taking care of themselves. The cows grazed on land that would not grow anything but grass because it was so low and wet.

Akins has received cost-share in the past from the USDA for planting trees and making drainage improvements. However, he was not aware of cost-share assistance from groups like the Georgia Grazing Lands Conservation Coalition until local conservationists informed him about the opportunity.

Akins used the GGLCC program to plant grass, and install fence and water lines. He also fenced in planted pines so he could use the acreage for winter cover and browsing. "My cows graze land that was planted in cotton, soybeans, and peanuts in the past. My peanut and cotton profit margins have almost disappeared, but we can see a profit in cows and tobacco,"offers Akins.

Akins' cows have moved from the back of the farm to the front of the farm where they are managed on a daily basis and record keeping is more than an old note pad thrown on the dash of the truck.

Akins' endorsement of the project: wish more cost-share programs could work as easily as the GGLCC project worked for us.