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Success Stories Stanton Farms | New York

Mark Stanton.Stanton Farms
Author: Mark Franze (518) 765-2326

Mark Stanton, from Stanton Farms is very pleased with the results he is experiencing through the use of Nutrient Management practice. Mark said, "the practice has helped us to learn how to use manure." Mark went on to say that he has seen a measurable difference in the amount of fertilizer purchased, and that this year, all things being considered that it is a wet year, that his operation has not utilized all the dollars that were allocated for fertilizer.

Pest management is another practice that the Stanton Farms rely on. The incentive dollars provided by the Environmental Quality Incentives program helps pay for the scouting services provided by Albany County Cooperative Extension. Mark said, "this program makes it possible to watch different crop varieties." Varieties that really work for them, that yield will and provide resistance to disease or pests can be identified and used in future cropping plans.

As a result of the EQIP program, Mark said, "overall our rotations are shorter, that works for us, we are getting better yields, lower input costs in growing a crop, and less weed pressure."