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Quick Links
NASIS 6.3 Windows Client Download (non-CCE systems only)
Excel Peninized 232 Forms
Pedon PC Downloads
Analysis PC Downloads
Soil Resource Inventory Toolbox Downloads
SSURGO Related Downloads
Pedon PC Support Data


The NASIS 6.3 Windows Client and SQL Express 2008 software links are for use on non-USDA Common Computing Environment (CCE) NASIS installations only. NASIS 6.3 works with SQL Express 2008. It can be installed on Windows XP or Windows 7 systems. Please read the installation instructions before downloading and installing the NASIS 6.3 Windows Client and Microsoft SQL Express 2008 software.

Excel Peninized 232 Forms (for use with digital pens or stand-alone)

Using peninized 232 forms (job aid) (DOCX; 910 KB)

Excel Mineral Soils Pedon Description Forms

Excel Organic Soils Pedon Description Form

Excel Subaqueous Soils Pedon Description Forms

Excel Pedon Description Forms (4)

  • 232 - v 4.021; 1/9/15 (ZIP; 13.9 MB)

Digital Pen and Forms - USDA Connect Community (Authorized Personnel Only)

Pedon PC

For Tablet PCs, laptops, and desktops that use the Windows 7.0 operating system and Office 2010.

For Table PCs, laptops, and desktops that use the Windows 7.0 operating system, NASIS 6.3, Office 2010, and ArcGIS 10.x. (To upload to NASIS 6.3, users must use the export function in Pedon PC 6.1 to export pedons from the pedon.accdb format to a pedon6.3.accdb format. The resulting file can be uploaded to NASIS 6.3 using the pedon import utility in NASIS.)


The Pedon PC User Guide includes instructions for setup.

The NASIS Pedon Data Entry Guide includes data population guidance that is applicable to entering pedon data directly into NASIS.

Analysis PC

For Tablet PCs, laptops, and desktops that use Windows operating systems.

The Analysis PC User Guide includes instruction for setup.

Soil Resource Inventory Toolbox (SRITB)

The Soil Resource Inventory Toolbox (1.1.18) User Guide includes instruction for setup.

Download, unzip and run this executable to install SRITB

Microsoft Access SSURGO Template Databases

Pedon PC Support Data

Download a new/empty pedon database whenever you want to start data entry for a new pedon database. This new/empty pedon database comes preloaded with up-to-date domains, ecological sites, geographic areas, and geomorphic features, but you will have to reload whatever plant lookup data you need into this new/empty pedon database.

Please note that the format of ALL Pedon PC support data files has been updated for Pedon PC 5.0. Therefore you will not be able to import any support data file that was created for a version of Pedon PC prior to 5.0.