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The Effective Facilitator (000006)


This course is for those facilitators who will be required to help groups/teams become more effective. It provides essential principles and skills that will enable facilitators to develop sound, value based responses to a wide range of unpredictable situations. Course content includes:

  • task functions, i.e., problem identification tools and problem analysis tools.
  • maintenance functions, i.e. Listening, values, group dynamics, behaviors, negotiation, and conflict resolution.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • explain the need for facilitation
  • explain the roles and responsibilities of a facilitator
  • assess your behavior in the role of facilitator as it relates to:
    • other people values
    • diverse work groups
    • listening and conflict
  • demonstrate facilitation skills using maintenance and task tools
  • develop a facilitator contract with a client
  • develop a personal marketing plan




4 days

Target Audience

Employees who are called upon to function in a facilitation role. They must have a working  knowledge of problem-solving and decision-making techniques, preferably as presented in    Roadmap to Problem Solving training.

NEDC Contact

Sue Brooks


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in The Effective Facilitator (000006).