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Field Construction Quality Assurance (000276)


The new NEDC course entitled ‘Field Construction Quality Assurance’ (FCQA) is similar to the current course entitled ‘Construction Inspection’, but FCQA is geared to construction of conservation practices instead of those in Federal or CLO watershed construction contracts. The target audience for the FCQA course is employees who provide oversight of construction associated with typical field office programs such as Soil Conservation Technicians and Field Engineers. FCQA focuses on surveying and construction for programs such as EQUIP, WRP, etc. Employees who primarily oversee construction of Federal or CLO watershed construction contracts for EWP and other PL-566 or PL-534 type work would benefit more from the Construction Inspection course than FCQA.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the importance of construction inspection / quality assurance;
  2. Identify critical elements of construction requiring inspection from the plans and specifications;
  3. Understand the requirements and benefits of good record keeping (notes and pictures);
  4. Recognize potential changes to the plans and specifications based on site conditions and construction methods;
  5. Explain and insure adherence to construction specifications;
  6. Understand procedures for acceptance of materials and inspection tool/methods for earthwork and concrete;
  7. Explain proper methods of handling and installing pipe and appurtenances; and
  8. Understand safety policy and identify unsafe conditions or construction practices.


Basic knowledge of algebra and general math and some field experience in the installation of basic conservation structural measures.

Delivery Method



4 Days

Target Audience

Soil conservation technicians, conservation engineering technicians, field engineersand those who provide oversight of construction associated with typical field office programs may attend.

NEDC Coordinator

Linda Andrews

Technical Coordinator

Brian Lang


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Field Construction Quality Assurance (NRCS-NEDC-000276).