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Soil Science Institute (000110)


This training is designed to provide soil scientists the opportunity to update their knowledge of the latest technical information and technology developments in soil science and related disciplines, and to refresh their educational background in the soil sciences. This training is conducted in a University setting and taught primarily by University professors.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • Apply new knowledge to the development and gathering of soil survey information;
  • Furnish and explain correct soils information to other disciplines for water quality, soil quality, hydric soils and other new priorities;
  • Explain the new technologies being developed in the field of soil science and to better understand the literature regarding soil science information; and
  • Explain the interrelationship of soil chemical and physical properties, site features, and climate to the users of soil information.


Potential participants should have seven years or more experience in the mapping, classification, correlation and interpretation of soils. Enough time should have elapsed since the last formal college education for the training to provide a significant update of the knowledge and skills of the soil scientist attending.


3 weeks

Target Audience 

Any soil scientists and others who meet the prerequisites listed above and who can benefit from this kind of formal training and education. NRCS participants should be at the GS-9 through GS-14 level.

Attendance of NRCS employees requires nomination by the State Soil Scientist or MLRA Office Leader and the concurrence of the State Conservationist.

NEDC Contacts

Kathy Buttle

Technical Specialist 

Shawn McVey


Enrollment is accomplished by the State Soil Scientist and NCSS liaisons of cooperating agencies nominating participants directly to the Training Coordinator, NSSC, in response to a national bulletin.