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Salinity Management for Soil & Water (000156)


This course is intended to develop skills to review soil, water, and plant relationships pertaining to the salinization process.  It will evaluate and diagnose salinity problems.  It instructs participants in the principles of salinity identification.  It teaches how to evaluate causes and effects of salinization on rangeland, cropland, forests, pastureland, hay and urban land, as well as, the protocols that could be used to monitor, remediate and reclaim salinized areas. The course has a field component to it.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the salinity process and calculate associated chemical reactions;
  • Develop inventory and assessment strategies for salinity;
  • Use inventory data to diagnose salinity and or sodicity problems; and
  • Develop management strategies to remedy identified salinity area problems.


Modules 1-5 National Planning Course; College level soils course or equivalent experience.

Delivery Method

Classroom with field exercise


5 Days

Target Audience

Conservation planners, technicians and specialist working on the land, Cooperating Partners, TSP's.

NEDC Contact 

Michael Fox

Technical Coordinator

Richard Fasching


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Salinity Management for Soil & Water (NRCS-NEDC-000156).