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Soil Bioengineering (000035)


This course describes and demonstrates how vegetation and structures can be used together in attractive environmentally compatible and effective ways for protecting upland slopes, stream banks and shorelines. Methods and construction techniques for soil bioengineering systems on small, uncomplicated sites are covered in detail.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Describe basic principles and functions of small, uncomplicated soil bio-engineering systems;
  • Describe and construct basic soil bio-engineering techniques;
  • Describe common applications an recommend soil bioengineering techniques/systems for small uncomplicated site when appropriate;
  • Participate in the planning and design of small, simple soil bioengineering system including drawings and specifications;
  • Describe small, simple construction and installation aspects of soil bioengineering;
  • Assist in preparation of a related operations and maintenance plan;
  • Analyze and inventory erosion areas for possible use of soil bioengineering techniques;
  • Identify and recommend lists of plants to use in each soil bioengineering technique;
  • Plan a small sample soil bio-engineering system;
  • Provide description of procedures used in installing small, simple bioengineering system on selected site; and
  • Understand how fluvial geomorphology and engineering impact soil bioengineering projects.




32 Hours

Delivery Method


Target Audience

Individuals who plan, design, install, conservation practices and anticipate utilizing small, simple soil bioengineering systems.

NEDC Contact

Michael Fox

Technical Coordinator

Frank T. Cousin

David Bergdorf


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Soil Bioengineering (NRCS-NEDC-000035).