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NPEGLA (000111)


This training introduces new engineers, geologists, and landscape architects to the application of their academic training to NRCS work, their role within the agency, and professional development. It includes basic training on a variety of fundamental engineering principles that focus on hydrology, hydraulics, soil mechanics, structural design, geology, and landscape architecture. The trainees are expected to have completed all course prerequisites in their respective states prior to participating in this classroom portion of NPEG.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify and locate agency policy concerning engineering within NRCS and describe the role of the engineer, geologist and landscape architect. 
  • Identify elements of Engineering, Management, Technology and Support in accordance with the National Engineering Manual. 
  • List and describe basic NRCS hydrologic analysis methods. 
  • Apply basic hydraulic principles. 
  • Explain the geology discipline as practiced in NRCS. 
  • Apply the fundamentals of soil mechanics. 
  • Apply basic structural design principles. 
  • Explain the role of landscape architects within NRCS in synthesizing components that influence the health, safety and welfare of people and the environment. 
  • List resource management concerns in the areas of erosion and sediment control, agricultural waste management, water management, and stream corridor restoration; and identify typical engineering solutions.


Review the general outline, content and organization of the National Engineering Manual. and the National Engineering Handbook, Part 650, Engineering Field Handbook. Review State Job Approval Authority Criteria Read State licensure laws and regulations. Read Professional Code of ethics. Prepare or review Employee Development Plan with Supervisor (and mentor, if available) Review TR-62, "Engineering Layout, Notes, Staking and Calculations", USDA - SCS, January 1979. Review Field Office Technical Guide, Section IV, Practice Standards and Specifications. Complete Soil Mechanics Training Series 1 - 5. Complete Hydrology Training Series Modules 101-107, 109-112, 115-116, 151, 201

To secure the Soil Mechanics and Hydrology training series materials please contact your training officer.  If your training officer does not have the materials go to the Soil Mechanics Course description page and the Hydrology Training Series course description page to order the respective materials.  After you complete the request form enroll through AgLearn.


Approximately 2 weeks of classroom time in contact with instructors.   Approximately 2 weeks of self-paced activities outside the classroom

Target Audience 

NRCS and partner engineers, geologists and landscape architects that have less than 2 years experience.

NEDC Contact

Chris Lavergne

Technical Coodinator

Steve Durgin


Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in New Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Landscape Architects (NPEGLA) (NRCS-NEDC-000111).