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Introduction to Conservation Planning on Cropland (NEDC-NRCS-000148)


This course teaches conservation planning on cropland. It focuses on the specific tools and processes used to assess, formulate, and implement cropland resource management systems as they apply to soil, water, air, plants, animals, and human resources. It complements and builds on the existing Conservation Planning Course.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • List and describe key cropland resource problems and concerns;
  • List and describe preplanning activities;
  • Identify key tools used when applying the planning process to cropland;
  • Describe the processes used to collect and analyze information on cropland;
  • Identify cropland conservation practices that treat specific resource problems;
  • Describe the formulation and evaluation processes for resource management systems of cropland; and
  • Describe actions used to facilitate client decisions and plan implementation.


Parts I, II, and III of Conservation Planning

Delivery Method

This program is Web-based.



Target Audience

Employees and others who have recently completed the Conservation Planning Course and want to continue their training to improve their proficiency to plan on cropland.

NEDC Contact

Sudhakhar Sriparameswaran

Technical Coordinator

Dean Prine


Enrollment instructions are provided below.  Be sure to select the appropriate link to ensure successful enrollment. 

(Currently this course is not available in AgLearn.  If you need more information contact "NEDC Contact" that is listed on this page)