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Hydrology Training Series Module 209 Design Hydrology (DAMS) (NRCS-NEDC-000104)


This module discusses information NRCS engineers need to know to interpret and use NRCS criteria in TR-60 and Practice Standard 378.  The module discusses sources of data and explains their hydrologic and hydraulic factors governing height of dams. Computer programs are identified.


Upon completion of this module, participants will be able to:

  • interpret hydrologic design criteria in TR-60 and compare with Practice Standard 378
  • identify sources of rainfall-frequency data for applying TR-60 criteria and compare with PS 378 sources
  • explain other hydrologic and hydraulic factors governing the height of dams (Waves, TR-52)
  • identiy computer programs the NRCS uses for hydrologic and hydraulic dam design (DAMS2)


Modules 101 – Introduction to Hydrology, 102 – Precipitation, 104 – Runoff Curve Number Computations, 106 – Peak Discharge, 107 – Hydrographs, 109 – Design Hydrology, and 202 – Precipitation.


Participant should take as long as necessary to complete the module. Training time for this module is approximately four hours

Target Audience

This module is intended for all NRCS personnel who plan or design conservation practices

Method of Completion

This module is self-study, but the requesting office should select a resource person to answer any questions that the participant’s supervisor is unable to answer

NEDC Contact

Tony Lovell


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The General Public

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