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Advanced Hydric Soils for Soil Scientists (000024)


This training will provide soil scientists with the skills needed to accurately identify and describe redoximorphic features, to interpret and delineate hydric soils, and to train others in hydric soil identification. The training will assure that soil scientists will be able to explain the pedogenic processes in hydric soils, effectively describe regional groundwater and surface water relationships, explain the development of hydric soils interpretations, and install monitoring equipment to quantify functions of wetlands for mitigation, restoration, and enhancement of wetlands. Field activities are an integral part of this course.


Upon completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the pedogenic processes in hydric soils;
  • Identify and describe redoximorphic features in soils;
  • Explain relationship of redoximorphic features to hydric soils;
  • Describe regional groundwater and surface water relationships;
  • Use the definition and criteria for hydric soils and explain their relationships;
  • Use field techniques to identify regional hydric soils;
  • Install monitoring instruments to prove/disprove the presence of hydric features;
  • Explain the development of hydric soil interpretations; and
  • Delineate hydric soils.



Regulatory IV – Identification and Delineation of Wetlands (Corps of Engineers/NRCS)


1 Week

Delivery Method


Target Audience

Soil Scientists GS-11/14 who have Technical Soil Services responsibilities that involve identification, description, and interpretation of hydric soils. 

NEDC Contacts

Kathy Buttle

Technical Specialist

Shawn McVey


 Go to AgLearn to request enrollment in Advanced Hydric Soils For Soil Scientists (NRCS-NEDC-000024).