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Rehabilitation of Aging Watershed Dams | NRCS NEDC

Rehabilitation of Aging Watershed Dams (000087)


This training includes background information on dams constructed under NRCS Water Resource Programs, an overview of aging dam rehabilitation needs, highlights of authorizing legislation, limits of the authority, and details of implementing rehabilitation projects. This training uses a case study to demonstrate typical problems associated with aging dams, and identifies various rehabilitation alternatives to address these issues.


Upon completion of this training, the participant will be able to:

  • Describe NRCS programs involved with development of watershed projects.
  • Discuss safety and environmental issues regarding watershed dams.
  • Identify legal authorities now available to NRCS to assist project sponsors with rehabilitation of their aging dams.
  • Identify the general process of implementing a rehabilitation program.
  • Describe project sponsor responsibilities for existing watershed projects and proposed rehabilitation projects.
  • Identify factors to evaluate typical rehabilitation needs of aging dams.
  • List the steps in the planning process that may lead to rehabilitation of an aging dam.
  • Identify common rehabilitation problems and various rehabilitation alternatives to address typical problems.




6 to 8 hours

Target Audience

NRCS field employees, watershed project sponsors, and state dam safety officials

Method of Instruction

Self-paced (CD-ROM)

NEDC Contact

Tony Lovell

Technical Specialists

Larry Caldwell
Bill Irwin


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