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Course Listing | NRCS NEDC

Alphabetical Course Listing

This page lists all NEDC managed courses in alphabetical order. Go to the Curricula Grouping page for a list of the courses grouped by curriculum.


C = Classroom
S = Self-paced; (Workbook, CD-Rom, video or other media)
W = Web-based
B = Blended
D = Webinar

Make sure your supervisor is aware of your interest in these training opportunities before proceeding to enroll.

A Framework for Stream Corridor Restoration (C)

Advanced Hydric Soils For Soil Scientists (C)

Agricultural Waste Management Systems - A Primer (S)

Agricultural Waste Management Systems - Level 2 (S)

Areawide Conservation Planning (C)

Air Quality, Climate Change, and Energy (W)

Air Quality Resource Concerns (W)

Basic Soil Survey: Field and Lab (C)

Beef Production for NRCS Employees (W)

Capitol Hill Workshop (C)

Civil Rights Compliance In Program Delivery (C)

Computer Security Awareness (S)

Concrete Fundamentals (C)

Conservation Buffers (C)

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Conservation Bootcamp (C)

Conservation Planning (S, W, C)

Contract Administration for Construction Contracts (C)

Construction Inspection (C)  

Cultural Resources Training Series (S,W,C)

Digital Soil Survey Mapping and Updating (C)

Economics of Conservation Planning (C)

Effective Instruction Level 1 (updated course name Trainer Skills Workshop)  (C)

Effective Interpersonal Skills (C)

Effective Presentations (C)

Effective Training Location Leaders (S, W, C)

Energy Basics  (W)

Environmental Compliance for Conservation Assistance - Level 1 (W)

ESRI Virtual Campus (W)

Extending Outreach to All Customers (C)

Fish & Wildlife Habitat Management (000158) (C)

Forest Water Quality (C)

Forestry Windbreak Technology (C)

Hydric Soils For Wetland Delineation (C)

Greenhouse Gases and Carbon Sequestration  (W)

Hydrology Tools For Wetland Restoration and Determination (C)

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Hydrology Training Series (multiple courses) (S)

Interpreting and Measuring Indicators of Rangeland Health (C)

Introduction to Aerial Photography for NRI (C)

Introduction to Digital Remote Sensing (C)

Introduction to Conservation Forestry Planning (W)

Introduction to Conservation Planning on Cropland (S, W)

Introduction to Ecological Principles: A Basic Ecology Course (S)

Introduction to the Field Office Technical Guide (S, W)

Introduction to NRCS (S,W)

Introduction to Water Quality (S)

Introduction to Watershed & Floodplain Modeling (C)

Liner Design for Animal Waste Containment (C)

Managing For Excellence (C)

Management of Soil Surveys by MLRA (D)

New Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Landscape Architects (NPEGLA) (S, C)

NASIS Advanced Report Writing (C)

NASIS Basic (C)

NASIS Basic Query Report Writing (C)

NASIS Intermediate (C)

NASIS Soil Interpretations (C)

NASIS Site/Pedon Data (C)

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Nutrient & Pest Management Considerations in Conservation Planning (S, C)

Orientation for New Employees (C)

Pastureland Ecology I (C)

Pastureland Ecology II (C)

Plant-Herbivore Interactions (C)

Prescribed Burning (C)

Prescribed Burning - Short Grasses (C)

Prescribed Burning - Shrub Grasses (C)

Prescribed Burning - Tall Grasses (C)

Prescribed Burning - Oak Savannah (000161) (C)

Rangeland Ecology I (C)

Rangeland Ecology II (C)

RC&D Area Planning and Implementation (C) (2.4 CEU's)

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 RC&D Concepts (C)  (3.2 CEU's)

Rehabilitation of Aging Watershed Dams (S)

Roller Compacted Concrete (C)

Soil Bioengineering (C)

Salinity Management for Soil & Water (C)

Soil Compaction and Field Control (C)

Soil Correlation (C)

Soil Mechanics Training Series (multiple courses) (S)

Soil Properties and Interpretations Training Series (multiple courses) (S)

Soil Quality - Assessment and Applications for Field Staff (C)

Soil Science Institute  (C)

Soil Geomorphology Institute  (C)

Soil Technology - Measurement and Data Evaluation (C)

Soil Technology Application of Soil Data Viewer and ArcGIS in Technical Soil Services (Webinar)

Technical Soil Services (Webinar)

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Supervising for Excellence (C)

The Effective Facilitator (C)

Trainer Skills Workshop (Formerly Effective Instruction Level 1)  (C)

TSP Orientation (W)

USDA NRCS Giving and Receiving Feedback  (W)

Water Quality Monitoring (S)

Water Quality - Resource Assessment (C)

West-Wide Snow Survey Training School (C)

Wetland Delineation: National Food Security Act (NFSAM) On-Site Methods  (C)

Wetland Restoration and Enhancement (S, C)

Wetland Restoration, Management, and Compatible Use (C)

Why Should We Care About Air Quality?  (W)

Why Do We Care About Energy?  (W)

Working Effectively With American Indians (C)

Working Effectively With Alaskan Natives (C)

Working Effectively With Livestock Producers (C)

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