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Farm Tour

The mission of NRCS is to Help People Help the Land. This mission was expanded on April 21 through a farm tour in Carver County, Minnesota.

Hmong high school students participating in a joint agreement between Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Pilot project and the Hmong American Partnership located in St. Paul experienced the life work of dairy farming.

Keith Kloubec, District Conservationist, Waconia Field Office showcased NRCS conservation practices at 2 farms, Southview Dairy Farm and a Continuous Conservation Reserve Program (CCRP) Wetland Restoration site.

Two of the four Hmong students attending this tour had never worked or visited a farm before.

The owners of the dairy farm shared with the students what was involved with operating a dairy farm. The knowledge shared and the experience of this tour provided a better understanding of the day-to-day work of dairy farming for the students. Photo to the right: the owners were showing the group the massive pile of feed for the dairy cattle and explained how important the nutrients in the food is to the health of the herd and vital to the quality production of their milk.

After the tour moved to the land used to raise crops, Kloubec explained to the students the role of soil and water conservation grass water ways and how this practice controlled erosion on this farmland. He also demonstrated a few field equipment tools - a soil probe profiling, clinometers and survey rod for measuring slopes. The group had lunch at the Waconia field office where Kloubec shared before and after pictures of the CCRP Wetland Restoration site.
After lunch the group headed back to the center passing the CCRP Wetland Restoration site.

A special thank you to the following individuals that made this NRCS outreach event possible: Kham Moua, Gloria Larson, John Xiong, Rebekah DeWind, Keith Kloubec, and local farmers in the Twin City area.

For additional information please contact John Xiong at (651)-602-7863.