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Chief Information Officer

USDA, NRCS, Chief Information Officer
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Room 6235-S
Washington, DC 20250-1600
Phone: 202-205-1442
Fax: 202-205-1462

Office of the Deputy Chief

Name Position Phone Room
Coleman, Ray Acting Chief Information Officer 202-205-1442 6235-S
Morgan, Joyce Program Assistant 202-205-1442 6235-S
Ruffin, Willie Operations Specialist 202-720-9390 6825-S
Duncan, Jeanette Program Manager (CDSI PMO (WDC)) 202-720-7697 5248-S
Geiger, William IT Specialist (Senior Project Manager) --- ---

Chief Technical Officer / Architecture

Name Position Phone Room
Calvosa, Christine CTO (Architecture) 202-690-0242 6164-S
Liang, Tianpu GIS Architect 202-720-8388 6806-S
Butler, David Computer Scientist (Data Architect) 970-295-5545 Ft. Collins, CO
Weimern, Gloria IT Specialist (IT Acquisition) 970-295-5586 Ft. Collins, CO
Clark, Michelle IT Specialist 202-720-1560 6231-S
Baldwin, William (Brit) IT Specialist 503-414-3243 Portland, OR


IT Operations

Name Position Phone Room
Gidcumb, Michele IT Operations Program Manager 970-295-5323 Ft. Collins, CO
Carpenter, Ken Testing Team Leader 970-295-5475 Ft. Collins, CO
Mayotte, Richard IT Specialist (Project Management) 970-295-5474 Ft. Collins, CO
Love, Dennis IT Specialist (Test Analyst) 970-295-5531 Ft. Collins, CO
Alexander, Aaron IT Specialist (QA / Help Desk Lead) 970-295-5619 Ft. Collins, CO
Ekblad, Steve NR Specialist Business Systems Ops Lead 970-295-5553 Ft. Collins, CO
Wilmon, Mitch IT Specialist (Business Systems Ops) 970-295-5468 Ft. Collins, CO
Preligera, Ralph IT Specialist 503-414-3244 Portland, OR


IT Governance

Name Position Phone Room
Henderson, Mia Program Manager 202-690-2264 6171-S
Nguyen, Hien-Hoa IT Specialist (IT Planning) 202-720-5748 6231-S
Bryant, Wanda IT Specialist (CPIC) 202-205-1712 6235-S
Keawe, Tanya IT Specialist (e-Records (Policy/Planning)) 202-260-8045 6235-S
Davis, Teressa Management Analyst (Contract Management / Access Control) 202-205-1705 6237-S


IT Security

Name Position Phone Room
Coleman, Ray Director 202-205-1442 6235-S
Morgan, Joyce Program Assistant 202-205-1442 6235-S
Espinoza, Lee Information Technology Specialist (Security) 970-295-5680 Ft. Collins, CO
Huang, Lei Information Technology Specialist (Security Engineering) 202-720-8071 6175-S
Vacant ISSM Security Ops. 970-295-5550 Ft. Collins, CO
Jin, Lian Information Technology Specialist (Security Engineering / Architecture Lead) 202-720-8493 6168-S
Long, Karl Information Technology Specialist (Access Control) 202-690-2015 6226-S
Pefoubou, Severin Information Technology Specialist (IT Audits Lead) 202-720-7329 6168-S
Sheaver, Michael Security Operations -  Lead IT Specialist 202-720-0040 6168-S
Thomas, Lanita Information Technology Specialist (Security Management Lead) 202-690-2264 6171-S
Whitney, Rachel Computer Assistant 970-295-5522 Ft. Collins, CO
Vacant Security Specialist    



Continuity of Operations

Name Position Phone Room
Schappert, Robert Director, Emergency Response 202-720-9390 6825-S
Lott, James C.O.O.P. Coordinator (Homeland Security) 202-720-9390 6825-S
Williams, Darlene Information Technology Specialist 202-205-1711 6237-S
Byrd, Anita IT Strategic Planning 202-205-1713 6237-S


Information Technology Center, Ft. Collins

Name Position Phone Room
Cleek, George Program Manager 970-295-5336 Ft. Collins, CO
Corns, Monya Secretary (Office Assistant) 970-295-5583 Ft. Collins, CO
Pfeiffer, Tina Computer Assistant 970-295-5527 Ft. Collins, CO
Rojas, Ken Senior Project Manager 970-492-7326 Ft. Collins, CO
Niederer, Paige Project Manager 970-295-5496 Ft. Collins, CO
Anikapti, Roop Kumar Systems Analyst 970-295-5387 Ft. Collins, CO
Moela, Akolotu IT Specialist 970-295-5611 Ft. Collins, CO
Schrader, George IT Specialist (APPSW) 970-295-5421 Ft. Collins, CO
Yan, Susan IT Specialist (APPSW) 970-295-5202 Ft. Collins, CO
Binder, Robin IT Specialist (CPIC, Budget Analyst, CDSI) 970-295-5383 Ft. Collins, CO


Name Position Phone Room
Brenner, John IT Specialist (Senior Project Manager) 970-295-5616 Ft. Collins, CO
Vacant IT Specialist (Project Manager) 970-295-5494 Ft. Collins, CO
Vining, Roel IT Specialist (Senior Project Manager) 970-295-5375 Ft. Collins, CO
Matsutani, Kent Program Manager (Project Manager) 970-295-5477 Ft. Collins, CO
Shideler, John IT Specialist (Program Manager) 970-295-5476 Ft. Collins, CO


Name Position Phone Room
Brothers, Christopher IT Specialist (GIS Developer) 970-295-5619 Ft. Collins, CO
Zebell, Jason IT Specialist (Project Manager) 970-295-5494 Ft. Collins, CO
May, Deb IT Specialist (Senior Project Manager) 970-295-5624 Ft. Collins, CO
Keller, Matthew IT Specialist (Program Manager) 970-295-5591 Ft. Collins, CO
Plumm, Nate IT Specialist (Mobile Developer) 970-295-5589 Ft. Collins, CO
Green, Kathy Senior Project Manager (CDSI Development) <970-295-5647 Ft. Collins, CO
Propst, Aaron IT Specialist (Application Developer) 970-295-5661 Ft. Collins, CO
Patterson, TC IT Specialist (Program Manager) 970-295-5450 Ft. Collins, CO