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Deputy Chief's Office

Office of the Chief Acquisitions Officer

Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

Office of the Chief Information Officer


Deputy Chief's Office

USDA, NRCS, Deputy Chief for Management
14th and Independence, SW, Room 5112-S
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-720-7847
Fax: 202-720-2588

Name Position Phone Room
Hardisty, Jane Deputy Chief (Acting) 202-205-3852 6223-S

Barry, Gayle

Deputy Chief for Management 202-720-7847 5112-S
Brock, Katrina Acting Executive Assistant to Deputy Chief  202-720-5811 5112-S 
Sassmann, Laurie Acting Executive Assistant to Associate Deputy Chief 202-205-1826


Neal-Reeves, Sonya Acting, Management Analyst (COS) 202-205-1165



Outreach and Advocacy Division

USDA, NRCS Deputy Chief for Management
1621 North Kent St. 10th Floor Arlington, VA 22209
Fax: 703-235-8257

Name Position Phone Room
Harris, Ronald Director 703-235-8084 10A1
Vacant Office Assistant 703-235-8082 10A11
Bradford, Kim Sociologist 703-235-8076 10A16
Benjamin, Jocelyn Outreach Research Assistant 202-720-7697 On Detail
Dickson, Vivian Program Analyst 703-235-8081 10A12
Neal-Reeves, Sonya Senior Program Analyst 202-205-1165 On Detail
Alston, Mary Senior Management Analyst 703-235-8074 10A18
Vacant Natural Resource Specialist    
Vacant Natural Resource Specialist    
Tribal Affairs
Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Tribal Affairs Liaison 703-235-8078 10A14
Special Emphasis Program
Name Position Phone Room
Alvarez, Sharyn Federal Women's Program Manager (FWPM) 703-235-8079 10A13
Crouch, Carol American Indian/Alaska Native Emphasis Program Manager (AI/ANEPM) 405-527-3241 x 108 Purcell, OK
Curtis, Dan Veteran Emphasis Program Manager (VEPM) 1-785-472-3161 Ellsworth, KS
Jackson-Kelly, Patti Black Emphasis Program Manager (BEPM) 1-608-647-8874 x117 Richland Center, WI
Maloney, Michael Disability Emphasis Program manager (DEPM) 202-720-9034 6218-S Washington, DC
Nance, Sharon Gay/Lesbian/Bi-Sexual/Transgender (SEPM) 1-559-252-2191 x109 Fresno, CA
Kurencio, Ngowakl Asian American/Pacific Islander Emphasis Program Manager (AA/PIEPM) 1-671-300-8579 Mongmong, GU
Alvarez, Sharyn Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager (HEPM) 703-235-8079 10A13

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Name Position Phone Room
Pullen, Giavanna ADR Specialist 703-235-8060 10A3
Vacant ADR Specialist    


Management Services Division

USDA, NRCS, Management Services Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC 20250

Name Position Phone Room
Beard, Tim Director 202-720-0134 5117-S
Personnel Security
Name Position Phone Room
Colclough, Michael Supervisory Personnel Security Specialist 202-720-0015 6137-S
Rowe, Carol Personnel Security Specialist 202-720-5991 6805-S
Chambers III, Evans Personnel Security Specialist 202-692-0352 6805-S
Kemp, Cheryll Personnel Security Specialist 202-692-0361 6805-S
Barber, Bill Personnel Security Assistant 202-540-9140 6206-S
Fiscal Operations
Name Position Phone Room
Kelley,Robin Supervisory Financial Management Specialist 202-205-0113 6843-S
Kornegay, Stacie Financial Management Specialist 202-720-7187 6839-S
Rawls, Willie R. Financial Management Specialist 202-720-1779 6839-S
Smith-Queen, Deanna Financial Management Specialist 202-720-0429 6839-S
Vacant Budget Analyst 301-504-2277  
Records & Directives Management Team
Name Position Phone Room
Bradford, Kim Team Leader (Acting) 202-720-3770 4235-S
Matthews, Tamara Records Officer 202-720-3364 4238-S
Vacant Directives Management Specialist 202-205-7362 4238-S
Minami, Wayde Writer/Editor 202-690-3703 4238-S
Vacant   202-690-4985 4242-S
Vacant Acting National FOIA/PA Officer 770-932-2410  

Administrative Services Teams
Name Position Phone Room
Baker, Sabrina H. Administrative Services Team Supervisor 202-720-1006 6827-S
Young, Annie Executive Assistant 202-720-4527 5109-S
Robinson, Aretha Executive Assistant 202-720-7173 240-E
Vacant Executive Assistant 202-720-4630 5211-S
Vacant Executive Assistant 202-690-2197 6103-S
Heard, Diane Executive Assistant 202-720-4517 5109-S
Hernandez, Danah Executive Assistant 202-720-7246 5105-S
James, Jeanette (Peaches) Executive Assistant 202-720-4251 6243-S
Wade, Phyllis Program Management Specialist 202-720-7585 6806-S
Vacant Executive Assistant 202-690-4616 5006-S
Morgan, Phyllis Executive Assistant 202-690-2198 6103-S
Parker, Thelma Executive Assistant 202-720-6297 5206-S
Morgan, Joyce Program Support Assistant 202-205-1442 6235-S
Baker, Mary Administrative Assistant 301-504-2300 1-1292B
Blango, Brenda Administrative Assistant 202-720-1854  
Brooks, Betty Program Support Clerk 202-720-3948 6110-S
Brooks, Velma Administrative Assistant 202-720-2307 6149-S
Gill, Terri Executive Assistant 202-690-4616 5211-S
Hawkins, Joyce Executive Assistant 202-720-4630 5006-S
Meade, Rita Administrative Assistant 202-720-3210 6119-S
Odle, Suzy Administrative Assistant 202-720-8208 6166-S
Perry, Priscilla Program Support Clerk 301-504-2276  
Thompson, Cyndy Administrative Assistant 202-720-1845 5239-S
Higgins, Barbara Office Assistant    
McLeod, Sheila Administrative Assistant 202-690-4630 5006-S
Tillman, Genetta Administrative Assistant 202-720-3210 6119-S
Adams, Judi Administrative Assistant 202-720-4716 6158-S
Butler, Faye Administrative Assistant 301-504-2196 1-2176
Holden, Gwen Administrative Assistant    
Vacant Administrative Assistant    
McRae, Chancie Correspondence Assistant 202-720-6589 6110-A
Vacant Administrative Assistant    
Brock, Katrina Administrative Assistant 301-504-2182 5112-S
Bullock, Tillery Administrative Assistant 202-720-4264 6219-S
Cole, Tyrone Office Assistant 202-720-4931 6227-S
Hammet, Janae Administrative Assistant 202-720-4102 5221-S
McCoy, Latoya Administrative Assistant 202-720-4533 4237-S
Mitchell, Karen Administrative Assistant 202-720-8851 6015-S
Murphy, Robin Administrative Assistant 301-504-2305 1-1292A
Risden, Linda Administrative Assistant 301-504-2271 1-2110B
Sassman, Laurie Administrative Assistant 202-720-2520 6136-S
Vacant Administrative Assistant    
Cobbs, Mary Administrative Assistant 301-504-2285 1-2130A
Broadwater, Ebony Administrative Assistant 202-720-9135 6801-S

Event Planning Branch
Name Position Phone Room
Wright, Tammera Supervisory, Event Coordinator 301-504-3967 1-2136
Vacant Event Coordinator 817-509-3248 Fort Worth, TX
Mines, Karen Event Coordinator 301-504-2244 Beltsville, MD
Vacant Operations Specialist   Beltsville, MD
Vacant Administrative Specialist   Beltsville, MD
Blackmon, David Training Technician 817-509-3271 Fort Worth, TX
Edwards, Valerie Training Technician 817-509-3288 Fort Worth, TX
Vacant Office Automation Clerk   Fort Worth, TX 

Acquisitions Division (Management Service Division) 

Name Position Phone Room
Dianne C. Guidry Acting, Chief Acquisition Officer/Acquisitions Division Director 202-720-4102 5221-S
Rhonda Sulsar Procurement Team Lead 202-205-5513 4840-S
Ed Biggers Acting Asset Management Team Lead/Senior Acquisitions Advisor 202-720-8758 5225-S
Rennae Cager Administrative Assistant 202-720-4102 5221-S
Leroy Tissue Acquisitions Specialist 202-205-5893 5219-S
Isabel Brumley Grants & Agreements Specialist 202-205-8020 5221-S
Sean Jordan Contracting Specialist 202-720-4102 5224-S
Leenel S. Robinson Contract Specialist  732-537-6055 Somerset, NJ

Nordeya O. Lockhart

Contract Specialist 202-720-0246 4237-S


Procurement Team
Name Position Phone Room
Rhonda Sulsar Team Leader 202-205-5513 4840-S
Alecia Adams Management Analyst 202-720-3457 4240-S
Megan Torres Procurement Analyst 202-720-4533 4237-S
Ralph Broome Contract Officer 318-473-7781 Louisiana
Dave Thompson IAS Helpdesk 202-690-0467 4237-S
Julio Cortez BMLP Intern 202-720-0246 4237-S
Grants and Agreements
Name Position Phone Room
Sheila Leonard Team Leader 202-720-5436 5224-S
Frankie Comfort Central Region Grants & Agreements Specialist 202-690-0164 5224-S
Jackie Roscoe East Region Grants & Agreements Specialist 202-690-4242 5224-S
Stewart Smith West Region Grants & Agreements Specialist 202-720-2929 5224-S
Asset Management
Name Position Phone Room
Rosabeth Garcia-Sais Acting, Team Leader 202-720-2262 5225-S
Anjunette Lyles Real Property Specialist 202-205-1981 5219-S
William Singletary (Reni) Fleet Manager 202-205-6130 5230-S
Shirley Saucer Personal Property Specialist 202-205-5510 5230-S
Acquisition Policy

National Centers Servicing Unit

501 West Felix Street
Building 23
Fort Worth, Texas 76115
Phone:(see individual numbers below)
Fax: 817-509-3594

Name Position Phone
Garner, Karen Administrative Officer 817-509-3504
Goodwin, Susie Secretary 817-509-3510
Vacant Management Analyst 817-509-3502
Real Property and Facilities
Name Position Phone
Vacant Realty & Procurement Specialist 817-509-3283
Wilson, Art Printing Specialist 817-509-3566
Bacon, Michael Supply Specialist 817-509-3298
Vacant Supply Specialist xxx-xxx-xxxx
Vacant Copier/Duplication Equipment Operator 817-509-3559
Lyon, Sharon Clerk 817-509-3507
Gardner, Terry Clerk 817-509-3508
Name Position Phone
Johnson, Willie Mae Supervisory Contract Specialist 817-509-3505
Vacant Contract Specialist 817-509-3320
Bardin, Barbara Contract Specialist 817-509-3519
Carson, Amber Contract Specialist 817-509-3422
Vacant Purchasing Agent 817-509-3523
Garcia, Dorene Purchasing Agent 817-509-3521
Kelly, Danny Contract Specialist xxx-xxx-xxxx
Watkins, Chris Grants & Agreements Specialist 817-509-3290
Wilson, George (Darin) Procurement Specialist 817-509-3503
Name Position Phone
Manuel, Joseph Budget Officer 817-509-3416
Martinez, Olivia Budget Analyst 817-509-3515
Voss, Jackie Budget Analyst 817-509-3516
Vacant Fiscal Technician 817-509-3518
Flournoy, Staci Accountant 817-509-3317
Perez, Jeremiah Program Specialist 817-509-3518
Human Resources
Name Position Phone
Stredney, Thomas HR Manager 817-509-3512
Holmes, Crystal Human Resources Specialist 817-509-3511
Norman, Sonja Human Resources Specialist 817-509-3458
Lewis, Michelle Human Resources Specialist 817-509-3513
Canada-Gosa, Jerars Human Resources Specialist 817-509-3247
Alicia Jolly Human Resources Assistant 817-509-3325


Customer Service Division

USDA, NRCS, Customer Services Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Room 6219-S
Washington, DC 20250
Phone:  202-720-4264
Fax: 202-720-8863


Name Position Phone Room
Beard, Tim Acting Director 202-720-0134 5117-S
Bullock, Tillery Administrative Assistant 202-690-4264 6219-S
Boozer, Demitrice  Human Resources Specialist 202-720-6843 6219-S
Young, Wanda Administrative Services Coordinator 202-690-1514 6219-S
Young, Wanda Virginia Office 804-287-1579 Richmond

Human Resources
Name Position Phone Room
Hood, Theresa Supervisory Human Resources Specialist 202-690-2219 6219-S
Stuermer, Christine Human Resources Specialist 202-720-0657 6219-S
Hodnett, Jackie Human Resources Assistant 202-720-8828 6219-S
Oden, John Human Resources Specialist 202-692-0165 6219-S

Grants and Agreements
Name Position Phone Room
Minor, Karen Grants & Agreements Specialist 202-720-1809 4832-S
Vacant Grants and Agreements Specialist 202-720-9615 6207-S
Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Supervisory Budget Specialist 202-690-2277 6219-S
Vacant Travel & Relocation Specialist 202-720-5982 6214-S
Hyde, Kim Budget Analyst 202-720-5942 6214-S
Vacant Financial Technician 202-720-8098 6219-S
West, Vanessa Financial Technician 202-205-0115 6214-S
Name Position Phone Room
Maloney, Michael K. Supervisory Facilities Operations Specialist 202-720-9034 6218-S
Stoutamire, Charles Facility Management Specialist 202-690-0066 6214-S
Johnson, Mike Assistant Property Management Officer 202-720-5466 0105-S
Vacant Lead Mail Assistant    
Sumner, Marc Mail Assistant 202-720-2834 0105-S
Acquisitions  *
Name Position Phone Room
Millwood, Marian Supervisory Contract Specialist 202-720-6924 6145-S
Sanders, Patricia Contract Specialist 202-720-1511 6141-S
Terry, Robert Contract Specialist 202-720-0064 6143-S
Hart, Angela Purchasing Agent 202-720-1895 6143-S
Schmidt, Hazel (c) Contract Specialist 301-504-2365 1-2114B
Joyner, Doug (c) Contract Specialist 301-504-2273  
Adams, Alecia (c) Contract Specialist 301-504-2278  
Strickland, Marlyn (c) Contract Specialist 301-504-2217  
Newberry, Tracey (c) Special Projects 301-504-3967  

* Acquisition Branch is located in Beltsville, Maryland

Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer

Name Position Phone Room
Cooke, Denise Acting Chief Human Resources Officer 202-720-6646
cell: 202-870-4591
conf: 202-205-0028
Vacant Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer    
Vacant Management Analyst    

Executive Resources Division

Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Executive Resources Program Manager 202-690-2008 6236-S


Human Resources Strategy and Accountability Division

Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Director 202-720-6646
cell: 202-870-4591
conf: 202-205-0028
Guion, Lashawn Administrative Assistant 202-720-2227 6203-S
Young, Shelene Management Analyst 202-690-3477 5118-S

Human Resources Policy & Accountability
Name Position Phone Room
Violette, Leslie HR Accountability Team Leader 202-720-3042 5215-S
Vacant Sr. Human Resources Specialist 202-690-4231 5215-S
Vacant Management Analyst 202-720-0040 6166-S
Human Resources Strategy
Name Position Phone Room
Joyce, Elisabeth HR Strategy Team Leader 202-720-0115 6137-S
Vacant Human Resources Specialist (Workforce Planning) 207-990-9570 Bangor, ME
Crisp, Stephen Human Resources Specialist (Performance Culture) 202-720-2631 6224-S
Conklin, Glenn Human Resources Specialist (HR Strategy) 202-720-2433 6224-S
Lee, Darnell Human Resources Specialist (Talent Development) 202-690-3942 6224-S
Vacant Human Resources Specialist    
Smith, Kisha  Human Resources Specialist (Performance Management) 202-720-7444 6210-S

Talent Management Division


Name Position Phone Room
Montesano, Marvis Director 202-690-2250 6220-S
DeWind Rebekah Management Analyst 202-720-1871 5248-S
Robles, Tanya HR Specialist (Student Program Coordinator) 202-690-3477 5250-S
Watkins, Travis Management Analyst 717-237-2147 Harrisburg, PA
Vacant Human Resources Specialist (Reasonable Accommodations)    

Human Resources Management Division

USDA, NRCS, Human Resources Management Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Phone: 202-720-2227
Fax: 202-720-7722 (Office of the Director)
Fax: 202-720-0717 (Operations)

Director's Office

Name Position Phone Room
Cooke, Denise Acting Director 202-720-6646
cell: 202-870-4591
conf: 202-205-0028
Vacant Assistant Director, HR Operations 202-720-6526 6206-S
Vacant Administrative Assistant 202-720-2227 6203-S
Human Resources Information System
Name Position Phone Room
Seifert, Desiree Supervisory Human Resources Specialist 202-690-2251 6224-S
Vacant Human Resources Specialist 605-481-0024 Huron, SD
Walker, Gordie Management Analyst 202-720-3477 6224-S
Zelenka, William Human Resources Assistant 301-504-4137 Beltsville, MD
Gamboa, Luis Management Analyst 970-295-5418 Ft. Collins, Co

Human Resources Operations


Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Assistant Director HR Operations 202-720-6526 6206-S
Salahuddin, Monique Supervisory Human Resources Specialist 202-720-1155 6204-S
Eaton, Margo Human Resources Specialist 202-690-1989 6210-S
Harris, Rudene Sr. Human Resources Specialist 202-690-2272 6212-S
Vacant Human Resources Specialist   6206-S

Worklife/Benefits Team

Name Position Phone Room
Holt, Carla Human Resources Specialist (Worklife Officer/Telework Coordinator) 202-720-6607 6212-S
Stowes, Angela National Safety and Health Officer 202-734-2761 6202-S
Vacant Human Resources Specialist (Benefits)    

Classification Team

Name Position Phone Room
Hill, Fay Human Resources Specialist (Pay, Compensation) 202-205-7517 6208-S
Vacant Classification Specialist    
Vacant Classification Specialist    
Employee Relations & Labor Relations
Employee & Labor Relations Team
14th and Independence Ave., SW, Room 6224-S
Phone: 202-690-2009
Fax: 202-720-7721

Name Position Phone Room
Vacant Supervisory Team Leader    
Vacant Employee Relations Specialist (East Region/Centers) 202-690-2251 6224-S
Moore, Shelli S. Sr. Employee Relations Specialist (West Region) 605-352-1287 Huron, SD
Vacant Sr. Employee Relations Specialist ((Central Region, Labor) 202-690-0858 6224-S
Vacant Employee Relations Specialist (East Region/NHQ/Centers) 202-720-4166 6224-S
Vacant Senior Employee Relations Specialist (Central, Labor) 202-260-8036 6224-S
Tharp, Susan Employee Relations Specialist (Hotline Complaints, Misconduct Investigations 208-484-4339  
Vacant Employee Relations Assistant 202-720-8237 6224-S

Agency Representatives


Name Position Phone Room
Ruby, Lauren Supervisory Agency Representative 301-504-2197 1-2156
Clark, Gretchen M. Agency Representative 301-504-0303 1-2160
Cotton, Joseph Agency Representative 301-504-2281 1-2162
Richards, Melinda Agency Representative 301-504-0302 1-2152
Cobbs, Mary Ann Administrative Assistant 301-504-2285 1-2150D

National Employee Development Center

501 W. Felix Street
Building 23
Ft. Worth, TX 76115
Phone - (817) 509-3242
Fax - (817) 509-3271

Name Position Telephone
Gillen, Sylvia Acting Director 817-509-3242
Alix, Andrelino Instructional Systems Specialist (Central) 817-509-3263
Andrews, Linda Training Specialist 706-546-2128
Annan, Alex Operations Supervisor 817-509-3272
Austin-Kashawlic, Suzanne Training Specialist (Instructor) 202-720-4166
Brooks, Sue Regional Training Supervisor 817-509-3245
Buttle, Kathy Training Specialist (Instructor) 308-632-2195 x1116
Dansby, Wanda Instructional System Specialist 817-509-3243
Desrosiers, Ron Training Specialist 207-622-7847
Drake-Trent, Jacquelyn Training Specialist (Instructor) 606-784-5375
Egger, Tisha Part Time (Student) 817-509-3252
Emmert, Carolyn Secretary 817-509-3242
Gilley, Valerie K. Training Technician 817-509-3255
Horne, Jacqueline T. Public Affairs Specialist 817-509-3287
Jean-Charles, Vladimir Design & Development Supervisor, Acting Program Manager 202-205-4211
Joy Barge, Kay BMLP Team Supervisor 817-471-5713
Krenzel, Troy Tranining Specialist (Instructor) 620-431-6180
Lavergne, Christopher Tranining Specialist (Instructor) 337-291-3066
Lovell, Tony Training Specialist, AgLearn
Mann, Larry Tranining Specialist (Instructor) 785-823-4522
Morris, Lisa Asssistant 817-509-3264
Pearce, Jerry Training Specialist (Instructor) 361-575-9542 x3
Perez, Susan Training Specialist 830-278-2014 x115
Prine, Dean BMLP Regional Supervisor 817-509-3254
Pursley, Barbara BMLP Regional Supervisor 970-295-5486
Rice, Lisa BMLP Regional Supervisor 801-524-4558
Sackeyfio, Stanley Management Analyst 817-509-3251
Sriparameswaran, Sudhakhar Learning Technology Supervisor 817-509-3260
Thomas, Candy Training Specialist (Instructor) 660-425-7655 ext 121
Trusclair, Michael Training Specialist (Instructor) 817-509-3037
Vidaurre, Tomas Shipping/Receiving Clerk (Detail) 817-509-3270

Office of the Chief Information Officer

Name Position Phone Room
Henderson, Mia Special Assistant xxx-xxx-xxxx 6171-S
Morgan, Joyce Program Assistant 202-205-1442 6235-S
Ruffin, Willie Soil Conservationist    

Emergency Response/COOP

Name Position Phone Room
Schappert, Robert Director, Emergency Response 202-720-9390 6825-S
Lott, James C.O.O.P. Coordinator (Homeland Security) 202-720-9390 6825-S
Williams, Darlene Information Technology Specialist 202-205-1711 6237-S
Byrd, Anita IT Strategic Planning 202-205-1713 6237-S

IT Governance

USDA, NRCS, Information Technology
  IT Services Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Room 6235-S
Washington, DC 20250-1600
Phone: 202-205-1442
Fax: 202-205-1462

Name Position Phone Room
Jones, Bobby Acting, Director 202-720-6707 6170-S
Binder, Robin Information Technology Specialist 970-295-5383 Ft. Collins, CO
Bryant, Wanda Information Technology Specialist 202-205-1712 6237-S
Keawe, Tanya Information Technology Specialist


Long, Karl Information Technology Specialist 202-690-2015 6226-S
Nguyen, Hien-Hoa Information Technology Specialist 202-720-5748 6231-S
Vacant Information Technology Specialist 970-295-5420 Ft. Collins, CO


Information Technology Center - Ft. Collins

USDA, NRCS, Information Technology
2150 Centre Avenue, Building A
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8121
Fax: 970-295-5544

Name Position Phone Room
Cleek IV, George W. Director, Program Manager 970-295-5336 Ft. Collins, CO
Gidcumb, Michele Program Manager (Team Lead) 970-295-5323 Ft. Collins, CO
Green, Kathy Program Manager (Team Lead) 970-205-5647 Ft. Collins, CO
Corns, Monya Administrative Assistant 970-295-5583 Ft. Collins, CO
Pfeiffer, Tina Computer Assistant 970-295-5527 Ft. Collins, CO

Conservation Delivery Systems Development Team - Ft. Collins

Name Position Phone Room
Duncan, Jeanette Supervising IT Program Manager 202-7203626 6167-S
Green, Kathy Program Manager 970-295-5647 Ft. Collins, CO
Keller, Mat Project Manager 970-295-5591 Ft. Collins, CO
Patterson, T.C. Project Manager 970-295-5450 Ft. Collins, CO
Brothers, Chris Application Software 970-295-5625 Ft. Collins, CO
May, Deb Sr. Project Manager 920-295-5624 Ft. Collins, CO
Plumm, Nate Applications Software 970-295-5589 Ft. Collins, CO
Propst, Aaron Applications Software 970-295-5661 Ft. Collins, CO
Zebell, Jason (Jake) Applications Software 970-295-5351 Ft. Collins, CO

Natural Resources Systems Development Team- Ft. Collins

Name Position Phone Room
Cleek IV, George W. Program Manager ( Team Leader) 970-295-5540 Ft. Collins, CO
Brenner, John Sr. Project Manager 970-295-5616 Ft. Collins, CO
Egley, Dorn Business Analyst 970-295-5464 Ft. Collins, CO
Niederer, Paige Project Manager 970-295-5496 Ft. Collins, CO
Matsutani, Kent Project Manager 970-295-5477 Ft. Collins, CO
Rojas, Kenneth Sr. Project Manager 970-492-7326 Ft. Collins, CO
Schrader, George Application Software 970-295-5421 Ft. Collins, CO
Vining, Roel Sr. Project Manager 970-295-5375 Ft. Collins, CO
Moeloa, Akolotu Data Management 970-295-5611 Ft. Collins, CO
Anikapati, Roop Application Software 970-295-5387 Ft. Collins, CO
Yan, Susan Application Software 970-295-5202 Ft. Collins, CO
Tigner, Gretchen Application Software 970-295-5570 Ft. Collins, CO
Shideler. John Project Manager 970-295-5404 Ft. Collins, CO

IT Operations Team- Ft. Collins

Name Position Phone Room
Gidcumb, Michele Program Manager (Team Lead) 970-295-5323 Ft. Collins, CO
Alexander, Aaron QA Testing/Help Desk Team Leader 970-295-5619 Ft. Collins, CO
Carpenter, Ken CCE Testing Team Leader 970-295-5475 Ft. Collins, CO
Ekblad, Steve Bus. System Ops Leader 970-295-5553 Ft. Collins, CO
Love, Dennis Test Analyst 970-295-5531 Ft. Collins, CO
Mayotte, Rick CCE Test Coordinator 970-295-5474 Ft. Collins, CO
Munn, Troy Test Analyst 970-295-5389 Ft. Collins, CO
Willmon, Mitch Business Systems Ops 970-295-5468 Ft. Collins, CO
Leavitt, Marsha QA Coordinator 970-295-5463 Ft. Collins, CO

IT Security 

USDA, NRCS, Information Technology
IT Services Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Room 6235-S
Washington, DC 20250-1600
Phone: 202-205-1442
Fax: 202-205-1462

Name Position Phone Room
Coleman, Ray Director, IT Security 202-205-7712 6164-S
Casper, Sherry Information Technology Specialist (Security) 970-295-5566 Ft. Collins, CO
Espinoza, Lee Information Technology Specialist (Security) 970-295-5680 Ft. Collins, CO
Vacant ISSM Security Ops. 970-295-5550 Ft. Collins, CO
Jin, Lian Information Technology Specialist 202-720-8493 6168-S
Pefoubou, Severin Information Technology Specialist 202-720-7329 6168-S
Sheaver, Michael Security Response Management 970-295-5621 Ft. Collins, CO
Whitney, Rachel Computer Assistant 970-295-5522 Ft. Collins, CO
Davis, Teressa Access Control 202-205-1705 6237-S
Vacant Security Specialist    

Chief Technology Officer

USDA, NRCS, Information Technology
  IT Services Division
14th and Independence Ave., SW
Room 6235-S
Washington, DC 20250-1600
Phone: 202-205-1442
Fax: 202-205-1462

Name Position Phone Room
Calvosa, Christine Chief Technology Officer 202-690-0242 6164-S
Butler, David Data Architect 970-295-5545 Ft. Collins, CO
Gipson, Pamela Information Technology Specialist 202-690-2632 6171-S
Liang, Tianpu GIS Architect 202-720-8388 6806-S
Weimern, Gloria IT Acquisitions 970-295-5587 Ft. Collins, CO
Vacant Infrastructure Management xxx-xxx-xxxx Washington, DC
Vacant IT Acquisitions Lead xxx-xxx-xxxx Washington, DC
Clark, Michelle Information Technology Specialist 202-720-1560 6231-S

Ethics services for NRCS employees are handled by the USDA Office of Ethics.  Erin Kobiela is the Ethics Program Manager for NRCS. She can be reached at (202) 205-1826 or  Questions about filing the OGE 450 can be answered by

For other information please feel free to browse the USDA ethics website.

(See Management FAQ's for NRCS contacts)


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