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Anne Stine

Central National Technology Support Center Staff

Pollinator Conservation Specialist from May, 2014 to April, 2016

Cell: 817-320-2095



Anne Stine joined the NRCS’ Central National Support Center (CNTSC) in Fort Worth on May 5th, 2014 as the Pollinator Conservation Specialist for the Central Region and Xerces Partner Biologist.  Anne Stine moved to a new position near Austin, TX on April 21, 2016.  

Previously, as a Hubbard Conservation Fellow with The Nature Conservancy in Nebraska, Anne helped manage high diversity prairie restorations using patch-burn grazing. In addition to her work in land management and ecological restoration, Anne conducted a study comparing pollinator communities on restored and remnant prairies to evaluate restoration success.

Anne will continue her grassland and pollinator conservation work in partnership with the NRCS. She will provide technical assistance to landowners seeking to improve pollinator habitat on their holdings with an emphasis on conservation grazing. She is also available to write Conservation Action Plans CAPs) for landowners in need of detailed guidance. Anne’s work is accessible to the public as white papers, technical notes, and other documents.

Mace Vaughan (Xerces Society) is Anne’s supervisor and she will continue to work closely with Philip Barbour (NRCS) and other personnel within the central region.

Anne graduated with a Master of Science in Environmental Science from Duke University in 2013. Her master’s research explored the responses of tree seedling physiology to warming. She has two scientific presentations and two journal publications on climate change and forest ecology.

Anne loves rock climbing, camping, hiking and anything outdoors. Her non-professional goals for the year include growing heirloom tomatoes, starting a pocket prairie in her backyard and going on her first hunting trip this fall.


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