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The Central National Technology Support Center (CNTSC) for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is located in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to the Director, staff members include the core Technology Transfer and Assistance Team of technical discipline specialists and three national technology teams responsible for acquiring and developing science-based technology: the Grazing Lands Team, Wetland Team, and Wildlife Team.CNTSC TrainingCNTSC RX FireCNTSC Tour

Technology Transfer and Assistance Team (Technical Assistance Team)

farm LandsThe multidisciplinary Technology Transfer and Assistance Team (Technical Assistance Team) provides direct technical assistance both to the 15 central states and nationally. The technical expertise of the team is both varied and extensive (CNTSC Technical Expertise Directory).  The team acquires and develops new technology, develops and maintains national technical standards and references, and builds collaboration and partnerships for technology support and training.

National Grazing Lands Team 

Grazing Lands 

The National Grazing Lands Team provides technical leadership for ecologically based technology development in all areas of grazing lands management and conservation. NRCS personnel, conservation partners, landowners and managers all benefit from the use of these technical tools and standards. Developed technology with widespread application includes Ecological Site Descriptions, Forage Suitability Group Descriptions, Rangeland Health Assessments, Pasture Condition Scoring, and other nationally developed tools.  Transfer of technology includes technical references, works shops, symposia and web based interactions. More Info on NRCS Grazing Lands, Range and Pasture...  

National Wetland Team

The National Wetland Team develops, adapts, and disseminates wetland science and technology to protect, restore, and enhance wetlands. NRCS, conservation partners, and Federal Agency Committees are supported in the Team’s development, interpretation, and application of wetland science.  The Wetland Team's technology delivery includes technical consultations, publications, technical standards, and specialized training and workshops.  More Info on NRCS Wetlands...

National Wildlife Team

         Greater Sage Grouse

The National Wildlife Team provides science-based technologies and training to improve consideration of fish and wildlife resources on private lands. The team works with conservation partners in the acquisition, development, and delivery of tools and practices benefiting fish and wildlife. Products include analytical tools and assessments, NRCS technical reports, webinars, workshops, and scientific papers and presentationsMore Info on NRCS Wildlife...