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Deputy Chief for Strategic Planning & Accountability Directory

Updated 09/24/2010

Deputy Chief's Office

USDA, NRCS, Strategic Planning and Accountability
14th and Independence Ave, SW
Room 5206-S
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-720-6297
Fax: 202-720-4810

Name Position Phone Room
Reed, Lesia Deputy Chief 202-720-6297 5206-S
Parker, Thelma Executive Assistant 202-720-6297 5206-S

Resource Economic, Analysis and Policy Division

USDA, NRCS, Resource Economic, Analysis and Policy Division
14th and Independence Ave, SW
Room 6801-S
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-720-2307
Fax: 202-720-6473

Name Position Phone Room
Perry, Janet Director 202-720-5009 6148-S
Brooks, Velma Administrative Assistant 202-720-2307 6149-S
Barnes, Eric Agricultural Economist 301-504-1504 1-1110B
Vacant Natural Resource Specialist 301-504-2195 1-1274B
Buchan, Philip Management Analyst 301-504-0393 1-1106B
Farnsworth, Richard Senior Economist 202-720-7076 6142-S
Gollehon, Noel Senior Economist 202-720-8676 6145-S
Mullarkey, Dan Natural Resource Specialist-on detail 202-720-0040 6166-S
Peters, Mark Agricultural Economist 301-504-2226 1-1274A
Rowe, James Resource Economist 202-720-0064 6143-S
Spinelli, Felix Senior Economist 202-720-6924 6147-S
Trice, Kalven Senior Economist
ext 115
Little Rock, AR *
Thomas, Mary Program Analyst 202-205-7712 6164-S
Toomer, Letitia          Natural Resource Manager 301-504-1233 1-1110A
White, Juliette Management Analyst   6166-S
Vacant Policy/Rule Analyst    
Vacant Policy/Rule Analyst    

    * 4004 McCain Blvd., Rm. 208, Little Rock, AR 72116

Compliance Division

USDA, NRCS, Compliance Division
George Washington Carver Center,
5601 Sunnyside Avenue
Room 1-1116B, Stop Code: xxxx
Beltsville, MD  20705
Phone: 301-504-1382
Fax: 301-504-xxxx

Name Position Phone Room

External Audits

Brooks, Leon Director 301-504-2198 1-1272
Cole-Thomas, Chante Program Support Assistant 301-504-1382 1-1116B

Dunn, Michell

Management Analyst 301-504-0387 1-1116A

Internal QA/QC

Fedewa, Thomas Soil Conservationist 301-504-0043 1-1114C
Jordan, Gus Management Analyst 301-504-1301 1-1116D
Nilson, Ed National NA/ER Coordinator 301-504-1189 1-1114A
Ortiz, Febe Management Analyst 301-504-0142 1-1114D



Strategic and Performance Planning Division

USDA, NRCS, Strategic and Performance Planning Division
14th and Independence Ave, SW
Room 4237-S
Washington, DC 20250
Phone: 202-690-0467
Fax: 202-720-3057

Name Position Phone Room
Aiello, Craig Director 202-720-3770 4235-S
Simpson, Tawana Program Assistant 202-690-0467 4237-S
Diggs, Jackie Management Analyst 202-690-3703 4236-S
Dubee, Bruce Management Analyst   4237-s
Hall, LeRoy Management Analyst 202-720-0572 4238-s
Mader, Russell Natural Resource Specialist 202-205-5513 4240-S
Merritt, Shirley Management Analyst 202-205-7362 4236-S
Porcher, Timisha Management Analyst 202-720-0002 4242-S
Puga, Tony Management Analyst 202-690-4985 4242-S
Rahman, Aziz Management Analyst 202-720-0246 4237-S
Tulloch, Lindsay Management Analyst 202-720-3364 4238-S
Zehner, Julia Management Analyst 202-720-3457 4240-S