Central National Technology Support Center

Updated 08/10/2010

The Central National Technology Support Center (CNTSC) for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is located in Fort Worth, TX.  The staff members include a Technology Transfer and Assistance Team consisting of technical disciplines to support the States, and three technology development teams assigned to lead NRCS acquisition and/or development of science-based technology for prescribed speial emphasis areas in natural resources conservation. The technology development teams located at the Central National Technology Support Center are Grazing Lands, Wetland, and Wildlife.

The Technical Assistance Request Tracker provides a listing of NTSC technical assistance requests.   The NTSC Administrative Lists includes training information, contact lists, technical working group lists, and other administrative-type lists kept by the NTSCs.    This includes CNTSC Training Opportunities.

The following documents are available in Adobe Acrobat format.
CNTSC FY10 Third Quarter Report,  (PDF, 533KB)
CNTSC FY10 Second Quarter Report,  (PDF, 526KB)
CNTSC FY10 First Quarter Report,  (PDF, 423KB)
CNTSC FY09 Summary Annual Report, (PDF, 818KB)
CNTSC Technical Expertise List, (PDF, 190KB)
NRCS National Divisions and Centers Directory, (PDF, 864KB)
NRCS Fort Worth Directory, (PDF, 20KB)
Additional Reports

501 W. Felix St., FWFC, Bldg. 23, Fort Worth, TX 76115
Fax:     817-509-3337

Name Title Phone

Director's Office

Ronald C. Williams Director 3328 Ron.Williams@ftw.usda.gov
Sally Mills Office Assistant 3302 Sally.Mills@ftw.usda.gov
Dianne W. Johnson Office Assistant 3212 Dianne.W.Johnson@ftw.usda.gov

Technology Transfer and Assistance Team

Reggie L. Blackwell Rangeland Management Specialist (GLCI) 3293 Reggie.Blackwell@ftw.usda.gov
David V. Buland Economist 3577 David.Buland@ftw.usda.gov
James Bunch Natural Resources Specialist 901-751-2919 James.Bunch@ftw.usda.gov
      Mailing: POB 1538, Cordova, TN 38088; Shipping: 1374 Forest Run Cove, Cordova, TN 38016
Dorlene Butler Public Affairs Specialist 3296 Dorlene.Butler@ftw.usda.gov
Chad R. Ellis Rangeland Management Specialist (GLCI) 3313 Chad.Ellis@ftw.usda.gov
Dwain Daniels Soil Conservationist, GIS Specialist 3358 Dwain.Daniels@ftw.usda.gov
Joel L. Douglas Plant Materials Specialist 3419 Joel.Douglas@ftw.usda.gov
Tony G. Funderburk Agricultural Engineer 3289 Tony.Funderburk@ftw.usda.gov
Edward L. Griffin Soil Scientist 3304 Edward.L.Griffin@ftw.usda.gov
Cherie E. LaFleur Environmental Engineer 3303 Cherie.LaFleur@ftw.usda.gov
Dr. Emil H. Horvath Natural Resources Specialist 3221 Emil.Horvath@ftw.usda.gov
Matthew R. Judy Ecologist, Environmental Compliance Specialist 3291 Matthew.Judy@ftw.usda.gov
Lyn T. Kirschner Soil Conservationist 3553 Lyn.Kirschner@ftw.usda.gov
William F. Kuenstler Conservation Agronomist 3363 Bill.Kuenstler@ftw.usda.gov
Jerry Lemunyon Volunteer Conservation Agronomist 3216 Jerry.Lemunyon@ftw.usda.gov
Dennis Neffendorf Conservation Agronomist 3225 Dennis.Neffendorf@ftw.usda.gov
Arnold J. Norman Rangeland Management Specialist 3214 Arnold.Norman@ftw.usda.gov
Cheryl Simmons Natural Resources Specialist 3314 Cheryl.Simmons@ftw.usda.gov
Mike Sporcic Conservation Agronomist (Wind Erosion Specialist) 3213 Michael.Sporcic@ftw.usda.gov
Charles Stanley Rangeland Management Specialist (GLCI) 3282 Chuck.Stanley@ftw.usda.gov
Kimberli R. Stine Rangeland Management Specialist 3318 Kimberli.Stine@ftw.usda.gov
Ray R. Stoner Forester 3215 Ray.Stoner@ftw.usda.gov
Jerry D. Walker Agricultural Engineer (Water Management) 3387 Jerry.Walker@ftw.usda.gov
Douglas C. Wallace Agroforester, located at the USDA National Agroforestry Center 402-437-5178 x4036 Doug.Wallace@ftw.usda.gov
  USDA National Agroforestry Center, 1945 North 38th Street, UNL-East Campus, Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0822
Vacant Wildlife Biologist 3211  
Vacant Wildlife Biologist 3330  
Vacant Conservation Agronomist    

Grazing Lands Technology Development Team

Grazing Lands Technology Development Team FY2006 Report, (PDF, 180KB)
George L. Peacock, Jr. Team Leader 3211 George.Peacock@ftw.usda.gov
Homer Sanchez Rangeland Management Specialist 3227 Homer.Sanchez@ftw.usda.gov
Dr. Kenneth E. Spaeth Rangeland Management Specialist 3574 Ken.Spaeth@ftw.usda.gov

Wetland Technology Development Team

Wetland Technology Development Team Overview, (PDF, 200KB)

Dr. Norman C. Melvin III Team Leader 3572 Norman.Melvin@ftw.usda.gov
Lee G. Davis Wetland Biologist 3331 Lee.Davis@ftw.usda.gov
Richard Weber Wetland Hydraulic Engineer 3576 Richard.Weber@ftw.usda.gov

Wildlife Technology Development Team

Wildlife Team Technology Development Team FY2006 Report, (PDF, 190KB)

Stephen J. Brady Team Leader 3285 Steve.Brady@ftw.usda.gov
William L. Hohman Wildlife Biologist 3332 William.Hohman@ftw.usda.gov

East National Technology Support Center

  Manure Management Team
  Social Sciences Team
  Soil Quality Team

West National Technology Support Center

  Bioenergy Technology Development Team
  Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Technology Development Team
  Water Quality and Quantity Technology Development Team

Other National Centers

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