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Alternatives to the EEO Complaint Process | Civil Rights Division | NRCS

Administrative Grievance System
The Administrative Grievance System (AGS) provides an avenue for most non-bargaining employees to present matters of concern related to their employment to appropriate officials and to have them considered expeditiously, fairly, and impartially, and resolved as quickly as possible.

Negotiated Grievance System
The Negotiated Grievance Procedure (NGP) is the exclusive administrative procedure for employees who are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to pursue resolution of workplace conflicts/disputes. Employees should consult their CBA to determine which matters are grievable and which have been excluded from coverage under the NGP.

Employee Assistant Program (EAP)
The EAP is a problem-solving resource available to assist NRCS employees and their family members with personal problems or crises that arise. A professional counselor assists in assessing the situation, finding options, making choices or locating further help.

Merit System Protection Board (MSPB)
The MSPB is an independent Federal agency that serves as the guardian of Federal Merit Systems. Under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978 (CSRA), most Federal employees may appeal various personnel actions affecting them to the MSPB. The MSPB appeal process is designed to ensure that federal employees are protected from unfair or arbitrary treatment.

Employment Intervention Program (EIP)
A nonadversarial voluntary process, which uses a neutral party to resolve conflicts between two or more employees. The purpose of the Early Intervention Program (EIP) is to provide employees and managers an opportunity to use a more informal method of resolving workplace conflicts. EIP objectives are to: 1) create a voluntary, collaborative process that involves and assists employees in resolution of disputes; 2) provide an environment that facilitates open communication;