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Key Performance Measures (KPMs)

Demonstrating Outputs and Outcomes of Public Investments

Annually, a few selected measures are chosen and approved through USDA and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to analyze how NRCS and other agencies are performing within budget resources.  Those measures are Key Performance Measures (KPMs) and are reported quarterly and published annually.  Accountability information for USDA, including NRCS and other USDA agencies, is available at the USDA Accountability Page.

In 2011, NRCS had nine (9) KPMs, and achieved all the targets. See the NRCS Performance Scorecard, below.   

NRCS Performance Scorecard for FY2011

The following scorecard displays NRCS accomplishments as related to the NRCS Strategic Plan Goal, Get More Conservation on the Ground.