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Websites and Publications - Riparian and Floodplain Management


Online Documents

  • Vegetated Stream Riparian Zones: Their Effects on Stream Nutrients, Sediments, and Toxic Substances. University of Maryland Extension Web site. Scroll down to find this publication.

The following documents are available in Adobe Reader format. If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.

Riparian Forest Buffers (Slides; PDF; 880 KB)
Stream*A*Syst - A Tool to Help You Examine Stream Conditions on Your Property (PDF; 880 KB)

Publications by Request

To request the following materials, contact us at publications. Please include your name, phone number, e-mail address and mailing address, as well as the name of the publication and the quantity you would like. 

  • Plants for Riparian Buffers (publication)
  • Riparian Grazing Successes in Montana (video)
  • Riparian Reserves in Agricultural Ecosystems (video)