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Conservation Practices

Conservation Practices - Riparian and Floodplain Areas

The NRCS and its partners have developed conservation practices to aid land managers in developing conservation plans to sustain natural resources. These state and locally developed practices are collectively maintained in the NRCS Field Office Technical Guide. Following are specific conservation practices that are beneficial to the conservation and enhancement of riparian and floodplain setback areas in Montana. To view the Standards, Specifications or Jobsheets for these practices, go to Section IV of the electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG).

NRCS Conservation Practices - Riparian and Floodplain Areas
Title Practice
Channel Bank Vegetation 322
Filter Strip 393
Prescribed Grazing 528
Riparian Forest Buffer 391
Riparian Herbaceous Cover 390
Upland Wildlife Habitat Management 645
Use Exclusion 472
Wetland Wildlife Habitat Management 644