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Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan

NRCS can assist livestock producers in developing a Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan (CNMP). Through this process, the producer and the NRCS evaluate nutrient management considerations and prepare alternatives that meet producer objectives and protect water resources.

The CNMP is a flexible planning process that can be crafted to fit livestock operations of all sizes. A CNMP addresses the production, storage, handling and exporting of manure, land treatment area,   nutrient management and other aspects of AFO/CAFO’s.  The CNMP also includes considerations for record of decisions and schedule of implementations, risk assessments, setbacks, crop production, nutrient balances and alternative use strategies. A CNMP addresses all aspects associated with manure and land application from an AFO where manure is handled, stored, and/or applied to land. CNMPs for CAFO’s are modified to provide the added components of a regulatory Nutrient Management Plan.

While NRCS works with livestock owners on a voluntary basis, a CNMP can also help meet requirements of federal or state regulations.

The NRCS eFOTG provides the most current conservation practice standards and their associated specifications pertaining to CNMP development; Waste Separation Facility (Code 632), Waste Storage Facility (Code 313), Waste Facility Closure (Code 360), Waste Transfer (Code 634), Composting Facility (Code 317) and Nutrient Management (Code 590).  These documents, along with the Montana Phosphorus Index Assessment and Nitrogen Risk Assessment are intended for use by those individuals (both public and private) that may develop or assist in the development of Comprehensive Nutrient Management plans.

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