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Technote MT 15


SUBJECT: ENG--Distribution of Design Consideration for Wells Producing Gas in Montana and an updated Montana Tabulation Sheet.

To: All Offices

Effective Date: This is effective upon receipt.

Explanation of Material: This technical note provides information on the occurrence of gas emissions from water wells in Montana and the associated hazards. It also provides information for measures designed to mitigate these hazards.

Filing Instructions:

  1. Remove and replace the updated Montana Tabulation Sheet. (Print out of Montana Engineering Technical Notes.)
  2. The following document requires Acrobat Reader. If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Bruce Krueger at 406-587-6834.

    After Montana Engineering Technical Note MT-14 insert Engineering Technical Note No. MT-15 (PDF; 7.9 MB), Design Consideration for Wells Producing Gas in Montana.

If you have any questions, please call please call Mike Garverich, State Geologist at 406-587-6830.


/s/ by Steve Becker (8/26/2013) / rg

State Conservation Engineer

DIST: Electronic