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Chapter 50 Construction and Material Specifications

The following documents require Acrobat Reader.If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Bruce Krueger at 406-587-6834.

Chapter 50 Cover, Introduction, Instructions, Examples, and Index (PDF; 59 KB) November 2014

650.5003 Montana Construction Specifications
Specification Number Specification
MT-100 (PDF; 27 KB) General Requirements March 2014
MT-101 (PDF; 17 KB) Clearing, Grubbing, Structure Removal February 2014
MT-102 (PDF; 18 KB) Pollution Control February 2014
MT-103 (PDF; 16 KB) Removal and Control of Water February 2014
MT-104 (PDF; 22 KB) Excavation February 2014
MT-105 (PDF; 31 KB) Earth Fill February 2014
MT-106 (PDF; 26 KB) Reinforced Concrete November 2014
MT-106A (PDF; 9 KB) Reinforced Concrete (Volumetric Mix) for Minor Structures November 2014
MT-106B (PDF; 8 KB) Reinforced Concrete (Transit Mix) for Minor Structures November 2014
MT-106C (PDF; 11 KB) Reinforced Concrete for Minor Structures November 2014
MT-107 (PDF; 33 KB) Rock Riprap March 2014
MT-108 (PDF; 29 KB) Concrete Pipe March 2014
MT-109 (PDF; 128 KB) Corrugated Metal Pipe March 2014
MT-110 (PDF; 36 KB) Steel Pipe June 2011
MT-111 (PDF; 44 KB) Plastic Pipe - Pressure Conduits April 2013
MT-112 (PDF; 14 KB) Plastic Pipe - Structures, Drains, and Culverts April 2013
MT-113 (PDF; 23 KB) Metal Fabrication and Installation March 2014
MT-114 (PDF; 22 KB) Timber Fabrication and Installation April 2014
MT-115 (PDF; 6 KB) Water Control Gates April 2013
MT-116 (PDF; 9 KB) Valves and Meters April 2013
MT-117 (PDF; 9 KB) Drainfill and Filters November 2014

Emergency Watershed Protection Montana Construction Specifications
Specification Number Specification
MT-118 (PDF; 10 KB) Directional Tree Felling September 2000
MT-119 (PDF; 16 KB) Emergency Burned Area Seeding September 2000
MT-120 (PDF; 5 KB) Contour Tree Felling September 2000
MT-121 (PDF; 4 KB) Contour Straw Wattles September 2000
MT-122 (PDF; 4 KB) Hydro Seeding and Mulching September 2000
MT-123 (PDF; 4 KB) Earthen Road Erosion Control Measures October 2000
MT-124 (PDF; 5 KB) Hazardous Tree Felling and Rock Removal September 2000

Montana Material Specifications
Specification Number Specification
MT-547 (PDF; 168 KB) Plastic Pipe April 2013
MT-571 (PDF; 31 KB) Slide Gates April 2013
MT-572 (PDF; 21 KB) Flap Gates, Metal April 2013
MT-573 (PDF; 15 KB) Radial Gates April 2013
MT-582 (PDF; 10 KB) Galvanizing April 2013

Montana and National Handbook of Conservation Practices Construction/Material Specifications
Specification Number Specification
MT-326 (PDF; 15 KB) Clearing and Snagging February 2014
MT-362 (PDF; 13 KB) Diversion February 2013
MT-412 (PDF; 13 KB) Grassed Waterway February 2013
MT-320 (PDF; 257 KB) Irrigation Canal or Lateral November 2010
MT-388 (PDF; 14 KB) Irrigation Field Ditch February 2013
MT-464 (PDF; 14 KB) Irrigation Land Leveling June 2011
MT-428A (PDF; 87 KB) Irrigation Ditch Lining, Non-Reinforced Concrete March 2014
MT-428B Construction Specification (PDF; 48 KB) Irrigation Ditch Lining, Flexible Membrane March 2014
MT-428B Material Specification (PDF; 45 KB) Flexible Membrane Liner March 2014
MT-441 (PDF; 23 KB) Irrigation System, Microirrigation May 2012
MT-442 (PDF; 23 KB) Sprinkler System April 2014
MT-443 (PDF; 16 KB) Irrigation System, Surface and Subsurface May 2012
MT-449 (PDF; 857 KB) Irrigation Water Management October 2012
MT-582 (PDF; 59 KB) Open Channel February 2014
MT-516 (PDF; 34 KB) Livestock Pipeline October 2012
MT-378 (PDF; 18 KB) Pond October 2012
MT-521A Construction Specification (PDF; 43 KB) Pond Sealing or Lining - Flexible Membrane February 2014
MT-521A Material Specification (PDF; 44 KB) Flexible Membrane February 2014
MT-521C (PDF; 14 KB) Pond Sealing and Lining (Bentonite Sealant) October 2012
MT-533 (PDF; 24 KB) Pumping Plant October 2012
MT-570 (PDF; 18 KB) Stormwater Runoff Control October 2012
MT-574 (PDF; 16 KB) Spring Development February 2014
MT-606 (PDF; 67 KB) Subsurface Drain February 2014
MT-607 (PDF; 290 KB) Surface Drain, Field Ditch September 2010
MT-614 (PDF; 167 KB) Watering Facility February 2013
MT-638 (PDF; 15 KB) Water and Sediment Control Basin December 2008
MT-351 (PDF; 32 KB) Water Well Decommissioning June 2011