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NRCS Assistance

NRCS assistance will be available throughout the planning and implementation phases of any project, and follow-up assistance will ensure that necessary fine-tuning of the system is incorporated. Producers will no longer have to guess at determining whether crops or forage have the necessary fertility. A certified nutrient management plan is designed to provide a safe environment while meeting production goals.

NRCS has a number of conservation programs that offer technical and financial assistance. The 2002 Farm Bill significantly changed the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) to help producers meet - or avoid the need for - environmental regulation. As a result, EQIP is the principal program used by the agency to assist livestock operators in meeting environmental objectives in a voluntary manner, while maintaining or improving production.

Traditionally, NRCS has been the primary provider of conservation planning and other technical assistance to agricultural producers. However, in an effort to meet increased workload demands, NRCS has established a process for certifying Technical Service Providers (TSPs) who are also available to assist producers. To locate a TSP, visit the Technical Service Provider Registry.

For more information or planning assistance, contact your local NRCS field office.