Updated Environmental Evaluation Worksheet (Form NRCS-CPA-52)


Conservation Planning and Application - Conservation Planning Technical Note Number MT-9

Revised February 2010.

The National Environmental Compliance Handbook (190-VI-NECH-First Edition, October 2003) has an updated version of Environmental Evaluation Worksheet, Form NRCS-CPA-52, dated June 2010.

The fillable form, called "2010 Revised Environmental Evaluation CPA-52 Worksheet" can be retrieved at the National NRCS Environmental Compliance web site. View the document on-line, but save it to your computer before entering information.

If you have any questions, please advise one of the following contacts:

Jerry Schaefer, State Resource Conservationist
Phone: (406) 587-6998
Email: Jerry.Schaefer

Pete Husby, State Biologist
Phone: (406) 587-6902
Email: Pete.Husby