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Cost List Naming Conventions

Conservation Planning and Application - Conservation Planning Technical Note Number MT-8

If you encounter any problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Technical Resources at 406-587-6822.

This technical note is also available in Adobe Reader format.

Conservation Planning Technical Note Number MT-8 (PDF; 63 KB)

Issued April 2003.

Cost lists in Customer Service Toolkit are identified by program fund codes by fiscal year. To facilitate proper identification of cost lists for programs by fiscal year, a naming convention has been developed. This naming convention will be used for all cost lists including supplemental cost lists developed by the Area or Field Office Staff.

File names will contain only the information needed to accurately identify them and make them unique. File names will contain the following information in this order:

(Program and Fiscal Year)_(Cost List)_(Area Number or Field Office FIPS code with Supplement)_(Date issued)

(Program and Fiscal Year) is required.
(Cost List) is required.
(Area Number or Field Office FIPS code with Supplement) if needed.
(Date issued) if needed.

File Name Document Title/Description
EQIP03_Costlist.xls Statewide EQIP cost list for 2003
EQIP03_Costlist1_May02.xls First supplement to statewide EQIP cost list for 2003
EQIP03_CostList_UM1_Apr27.xls Upper Missouri's first Supplement to EQIP for 2003
EQIP03_CostList_UM2_Jun06.xls Upper Missouri's second Supplement to EQIP for 2003
EQIP03_CostList_067(1)_Jun06.xls Park County's first Supplement to EQIP for 2003

Historical FOCS cost lists, though uniquely named, did not have identifiers that could help the user determine which cost list was needed for a contract revision. Refer to eFOTG Section l-C-Cost Data, Cost Lists bv Prooram Fund to select the appropriate cost list for a contract revision.

Electronic cost lists will be filed under the appropriate Fiscal Year Cost list folder located under Section I of the electronic Field Office Technical Guide.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Debbie Kaiser, Resource Conservationist
Phone: (406) 587-6855
Email: Debbie.Kaiser

Jerry Schaefer, State Resource Conservationist
Phone: (406) 587-6998
Email: Jerry.Schaefer