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Pedon PC Plus Database and Support Materials


The Pedon PC Plus has extended functionality not found in the Pedon PC. For a comprehensive walk-through of the features of forms in the Pedon PC Plus, follow the links listed below in sequence.

All instructions can also be downloaded as PowerPoint presentations from the ftp site (see link at left).


If you encounter problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Soil Survey at 406-587-6818.

The following documents are toolboxes available in for use with ArcGIS 9.0 (or above) software.

Digital Soil Mapping Tools (version 1-2) (TBX; 216 KB)
Digital Soil Survey QC (version 1-2) (TBX; 213 KB)
Digital Soil Survey Setup (version 1-5) (TBX; 938 KB)
Geoprocessing Wizard Tools (TBX; 115 KB)
Spatial Analyst Tools (version 3b; Oct 2006) (TBX; 2.7 MB)

All Toolboxes can also be downloaded from the ftp site (see link at left).