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Montana Soil Survey Technical Guides

  • Guides for Editing Soil Properties
    Soil properties are measured from direct observations in the field or laboratory. Examples of soil properties are bulk density, cation-exchange capacity, organic matter, particle-size distribution, and soil moisture status.
  • Guides for Editing Soil Interpretations and Qualities
    Soil interpretations/qualities are behavior and performance attributes of the soil that cannot be directly measured. They are developed from observations of dynamic conditions and from soil properties. Examples of soil interpretations/qualities are AASHTO, corrosion, drainage class, frost action, and wind erodibility.
  • Other Local Guides for Montana
    Local guides provide instructions for Soil Scientists in Montana. Examples of other local guides are ArcGIS instructions, denied access--projecting lines, guide for 1N HCl, hydric soils criteria, and quick SAR test.

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