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Other Local Guides for Montana

This table provides links to supplemental guides containing local guidance criteria. Some of these links are to the National Soil Survey Handbook (NSSH). Use of local criteria is encouraged for NASIS interpretations and qualities, but the user is cautioned to not use any supplemental guide outside of the geographic area for which it was developed.

Some documents in the following table require Acrobat Reader. Once you have saved the file to a local drive, open Acrobat Reader then open the saved file on your local drive. If you encounter problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Soil Survey at 406-587-6730.

Other Local Guides
Montana Guides Other References
Denied Access--Projecting Lines  
Depth for Describing Soil Profiles  
Guide for Mixing 1N HCl  
Hydric Soils Criteria Reference NRCS Soils, Hydric Soils - Criteria
Map Unit Generator (MUG)--Populating Miscellaneous Area Definitions for MO-4  
NASIS: Simplified Calculation Guide  
NASIS: Ecosite Component Text Note  
NASIS: Legend Management Guide for Initial Soil Surveys  
NASIS: MO-4 Validations, Check Queries, and Check Reports  
NASIS: Moisture Subclass and Taxonomic Moisture Class  
NASIS: "O" Horizon Minimum Data Guide (DRAFT)  
NASIS: Populating Farm Class  
NASIS: Populating Hay and Pasture Yields  
NASIS: Populating Site Index Base  
NASIS: Relative Effective Annual Precipitation (REAP) vs. Actual Precipitation  
NASIS: Text Notes  
NASIS: "Where Used Information"  
NetMeeting Setup Instructions  
OSD: Guide to Submit Proposed Updates to an Official Series Description (OSD)  
Placing Soils in Capability Classes (PDF; 37 KB)  
Quality Control for Mapping  
Quick SAR Test  
Taxonomic Unit Description (TUD) Example  
Use of Spot Symbols Montana Feature and Symbol Legend for Soil Survey NRCS-SOI-37A

Reference section 627.08 of the NSSH