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Guides for Editing Soil Interpretations and Qualities

This table provides links to national and local guidance criteria for soil interpretations and qualities. Many of these links are to the National Soil Survey Handbook (NSSH). Some are links to supplemental guides containing local criteria that may be used in lieu of the national criteria in the NSSH. Use of local criteria is encouraged for NASIS interpretations and qualities, but the user is cautioned to not use any supplemental guide outside of the geographic area for which it was developed.

PDF documents in the following table require Acrobat Reader. Once you have saved the file to a local drive, open Acrobat Reader then open the saved file on your local drive. If you encounter problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Soil Survey at 406-587-6730.

Editing Soil Interpretations and Qualities
Soil Interpretation or Quality NSSH Guide Supplemental Guide
AASHTO Group Classification 618.23(A) Use NASIS National Report UTIL: Comparison of Unified and AASHTO Stored versus Calculated to "calculate" or check AASHTO RV
AASHTO Group Index 618.23(B) Use NASIS Horizon Calculation AASHTO Group Index
Corrosion uncoated steel 618.13(1) Use NASIS component steel corrosion calculation
Corrosion concrete 618.13(2) Use NASIS component concrete corrosion calculation
Drainage Class 618.18 Montana Guide: Drainage Class
Frost Action, Potential 618.33 Use NASIS National Report UTIL: Comparison of Frost Action Stored versus Calculated to populate
Hydrologic Group 618.39 Use NASIS component HSG calculation
Land Capability Classification 622.02 Montana Guide: Placing Soils in Capability Classes (PDF; 37.4 KB)
Land Capability Classification Subclasses 622.02 Montana Guide: Placing Soils in Land Capability Subclasses
Soil Erodibility Factors (Kf and Kw) 618.58 Use NASIS Horizon Kf and Kw calculation
Soil Slippage Potential 618.61  
T Factor 618.66 Use NASIS component T Factor calculation
Unified Soil Classification (Engineering Classification) 618.23(C) MO4's NASIS report - Check Horizon - AASHTO and Unified Stored versus Calculated (all)
Wind Erodibility Group and Index 618.77 Use NASIS component WEG/WEI calculation