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ArcGIS Instructions

If you encounter problems with the file provided on this page, please contact Soil Survey at 406-587-6818.

The following document requires Adobe Reader. Once you have saved the file to a local drive, open Acrobat Reader then open the saved file on your local drive.

ArcGIS Guides – Cookbook (PDF; 2.33 MB)

Spatial Analyst

ArcGIS Guides – Scripts

The following documents are for use with ArcGIS 9.0 (or above) software.

ArcGIS Guides – Tech Notes/PowerPoint

ArcGIS Guides – Toolboxes

Montana Guide: ArcGIS Toolbox Setup Instructions

The following documents are for use with ArcGIS 9.2 (or above) software.

Digital Soil Mapping Tools (216 KB; version 1-2)
Common Soil Lines (219 KB; posted 12/3/08)
Digital Soil Survey Setup (938 KB; version 1-5)
Geoprocessing Wizard Tools (11 KB; posted 12/3/08)
Spatial Analyst Toolbox (9.5 MB; version 5.6; ArcGIS 9.2; posted 9/24/09)  Spatial Analyst Toolbox Information