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Soil Health in Plevna, Montana

Montana Farmers and Ranchers Talk About Soil Health

Dirk O'Connor, a farmer with 7,000 acres of cropland near Plevna, Montana, says, "This [no-till] system gets us through the dry, hot times," Ten years ago, the O'Connor farm switched to no-till farming in order to save time, improve soil health and produce forage for their cattle. Since then, O’Connor has also incorporated crop rotation and diversification, cover crops, bale grazing and high-intensity grazing into his farming system.

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O'Connor on No-Till Farming (SWF; 31 seconds; 7.4 MB)

Kalyn Bohle and his family ranch just southwest of Plevna, Montana. Bale grazing in the wintertime, intensive grazing management, and cover crops help them to improve soil health while also saving time and money.

Bohle on Soil Health (SWF; 33 seconds; 9.1 MB)