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Soil Health in Baker, Montana

Montana Farmers Talk About Soil Health

Jerry Sikorski farms near Baker in Eastern Montana. He first tried no-till crops in 1995, and by 1999, the operation had been converted entirely from conventional tillage to no till. Jerry also uses cover crops, continuous cropping, crop rotation and diversification to help improve soil health on the farm. He says, “I don’t plant anything necessarily for the money. I plant it for what’s good for the soil.

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Sikorski on Continuous Cropping for Soil Health (SWF; 31 seconds; 7.8 MB)
Sikorski on Soil Health and Erosion (SWF; 39 seconds; 11 MB)
Sikorski on Cover Crops for Soil Health (SWF; 1 minute 8 seconds; 22 MB)
Sikorski on No Till for Soil Health (SWF; 52 seconds; 12 MB)