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Soil Health in St. Ignatius, Montana

Montana Farmers Talk About Soil Health

David Sturman and his family raise hair sheep near St. Ignatius, Montana, about 45 miles north of Missoula in the Mission Valley. The Sturman family uses a high stock density grazing system to help improve soil health on the farm. Sturman says that with this type of grazing they are well on the way to reaching several of their goals: to be self sufficient with the farm and to have the best quality product possible.

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Sturman on High Density Grazing for Soil Health (SWF; 26 seconds; 31 MB)
Sturman on High Density Grazing and Weeds (SWF; 55 seconds; 40 MB)
Sturman on High Density Grazing and Quality of Life (SWF; 20 seconds; 15 MB)