Snowpack Trend Graphs

Montana Snowpack Trend Graphs

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Brian Domonkos at 406-587-6991.

For a detailed explanation of the new trend graph format using the non-exceedance projections see How To Read Non-Exceedance Projections Graphs.

Please note the following basins do not have graphs prior to water year 2012:

  • Blackfoot River
  • Gallatin River Basin above Gallatin Gateway
  • Hyalite Creek
  • Bridger Creek
  • Missouri River
  • Wind River
  • Big Horn River
  • Shoshone River
  • Tongue River
  • Powder River
  • Yellowstone River

See Wyoming Basin Forecast Trends on the Wyoming Snow Survey web site for the following basins affecting Montana:

  • Wyoming Big Horn River Basin
  • Wyoming Powder/Tongue River Basin
  • Wyoming Shoshone River Basin
  • Wyoming Wind River Basin