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  • General quality control procedures and information.
  • Historical SNOTEL Site Issues Listing (by Water year, back to 2009).

Current Water Year SNOTEL site Issues

Date Site Name SNOTEL problems
4/22/2014 ASHLEY DIVIDE Site was visited last week and the site is now reporting well.
4/22/2014 BIG GOOSE 4" soil temperature data is bad.
4/22/2014 DEER PARK Pillow is flat.
4/22/2014 DOME LAKE Radio BMAX started reading above 20.0V on 4/21/14
4/22/2014 EMERY CREEK Primary pcp transducer is bad. Secondary transducer is good.
4/22/2014 HOODOO BASIN Temperature data is spiking intermittently
4/22/2014 KIRWIN Current radio battery is reading below 12.0V. BMAX is reading slightly above 12.0V. Forward power is decreasing & battery under load is down to 10.3V.
4/22/2014 LITTLE GOOSE Site continues to have reporting issues due to the interference from another transmit tower.
4/22/2014 LUBRECHT FLUME Pillow melted out 4/18/14
4/22/2014 PIKE CREEK Site visit is scheduled this week to repair solar panel.
4/22/2014 ROCKY BOY Pillow melted out 4/21/14
4/22/2014 ST. LAWRENCE ALT Pillow melted out 4/21/14
4/22/2014 TWIN LAKES Pillow is flat.
4/22/2014 WEST YELLOWSTONE All soils data is bad.

Historical SNOTEL Site Issues Listing (by Water Year)

             Microsoft Excel files with sorting and searching capabilities:

General Quality Control Procedures and Information

  • Quality control is preformed on midnight readings ONLY!
  • Quality control is preformed in the morning nearly every workday.
  • The following are parameters that are quality controlled (edited or estimated) unless otherwise noted:
    • Snow Water Equivalent (SWE, WTEQ - all channels)
    • Precipitation (PREC, pcp, PCC - all channels)
    • Snow Depth (SNWD - all channels)
    • Temperature
      • Observed
      • Average
      • Maximum
      • Minimum
  • To view any mentioned attached reports or request to be added to the weekly mailing list, use the contact information below.

For more information contact Jeri Lynn Ward or call 406-587-6809.