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Additional Information

For supporting information including the following, look to the bottom of this page:

  • General quality control procedures and information.
  • Historical SNOTEL Site Issues Listing (by Water year, back to 2009).

Current Water Year SNOTEL site Issues


Date Site Name SNOTEL problems
5/19/2014 cole creek Temperature data is spiking
5/19/2014 crystal lake SD reading 190 all readings. Site missed the 5/18 midnite poll.
5/19/2014 emery creek Site brought back online. Pcp transducer was replaced but data is not good. Both pcp channels decreasing. Primary pcp data remains suspected. 2nd precip. transducer is reporting good data but is decreasing.
5/19/2014 garver creek Pillow melted out on 5/14/14. SWE data decreased to
-0.9; SD reading -1.0 to -2.0
5/19/2014 hoodoo basin Snow depth sensor has gone bad; temperature data continues to spike
5/19/2014 north fork jocko SWE data has jumped 8+ inches. Water? Data has been suspected
5/19/2014 stahl peak Battery voltages look good after site visit.
5/19/2014 carrot basin Precip. transducer has gone bad. Site visit tentatively scheduled for this week.
5/19/2014 deer park Pillow is flat
5/19/2014 twin lakes Pillow is flat
5/19/2014 stuart mountain SWE data dropped +/- 9" in last 5 days which is suspiciously a large amount. Data has been suspected & is being estimated for now.
5/19/2014 big goose 4" soil moisture data questionable
5/19/2014 west yellowstone All soils data is bad. Site visit tentatively scheduled for this week.

Historical SNOTEL Site Issues Listing (by Water Year)

             Microsoft Excel files with sorting and searching capabilities:

General Quality Control Procedures and Information

  • Quality control is preformed on midnight readings ONLY!
  • Quality control is preformed in the morning nearly every workday.
  • The following are parameters that are quality controlled (edited or estimated) unless otherwise noted:
    • Snow Water Equivalent (SWE, WTEQ - all channels)
    • Precipitation (PREC, pcp, PCC - all channels)
    • Snow Depth (SNWD - all channels)
    • Temperature
      • Observed
      • Average
      • Maximum
      • Minimum
  • To view any mentioned attached reports or request to be added to the weekly mailing list, use the contact information below.

For more information contact Jeri Lynn Ward or call 406-587-6809.