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How to Request Assistance

The District Conservationist at your local NRCS Service Center is a good source of information on fire rehabilitation in your area.

The conservationist will be able to:

  • Provide individuals with information and technical assistance, such as soils information and seeding recommendations.
  • Inform individuals of units of government willing to act as sponsors under the Emergency Watershed Program (EWP). The EWP Program provides direct financial or technical asisstance to individuals, groups of land owners, land managers, and land users within a watershed. Applicants must have a local sponsor who accepts responsibility for the EWP project.
  • Assist sponsors applying for EWP assistance. If you are interested in becoming an EWP sponsor, please see the Information for EWP Sponsors web page.

Your local NRCS Service Center can be found by using the USDA Office Information Locator. The information provided by the Locator includes contact information and driving directions.