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2014 Seasonal High Tunnels EQIP Initiative

The application cutoff date for FY2014 EQIP Seasonal High Tunnel funding in Montana is February 21, 2014.

Applicants are limited to a practice payment amount, based on a maximum tunnel size of 2200 square feet. The practice must be sited on existing cropland that has an active crop production history. Seasonal High Tunnels will be limited to one per farm or up to the 2200-square-foot limit.

The Seasonal High Tunnel practice will be offered to all counties in Montana. Applicants will compete for statewide funding.

Eligible Practices

  • 342 Critical Area Planting
  • 362 Diversion
  • 441 Irrigation System, Micro Irrigation
  • 449 Irrigation Water Management
  • 590 Nutrient Management
  • 595 Pest Management
  • 612 Tree and Shrub Planting
  • 798 Seasonal High Tunnel
  • 620 Underground Outlet

These conservation practice standards and specifications can be found in Section IV of the Field Office Technical Guide.

Cost Data can be found in Section I of the Field Office Technical Guide.

Find additional information on the National NRCS FY 2014 EQIP Seasonal High Tunnel Initiative web page.