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FY2014 Montana FRPP Application Checklist

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Dennis Dellwo at 406-587-6748.

This checklist is also available in Adobe Acrobat format. This document requires Adobe Reader.

Montana FRPP Application Checklist for 2014 (PDF; 133 KB)

The Montana FRPP Application Checklist includes the following required information:

Information Required Comments and Check to Certify Documentation is Attached
Applicant Name  
1a. Demonstrate a commitment to long-term conservation of agricultural or ranch lands through the use of voluntary conservation easements that protect farm or ranch lands from conversion to nonagricultural uses.  
1b. Demonstrate a commitment to acquire, manage, and enforce conservation easements.  
1c. Demonstrate the number of staff that will be dedicated to monitoring and conservation easement stewardship.  
1d. Demonstrate the availability of funds for purchasing the easement AND that will be dedicated to easement management.  
1e. Include a copy of the pending offer.  
1f. Entity appraisal and title policy.  
Lands To Be Acquired
Information Required Comments and Check to Certify Documentation is Attached
2a. Aerial photo/map of the parcel.  
2b. Criteria used to set parcel(s) selected.  
2ci. Names of the landowners of the parcel.  
2ci. Address of the parcel.  
2ci. Location map of the parcel.  
2ci. Legal Description of the parcel.  
2ci. Size of the parcel, in acres.  
2cii. Acres/map/table of the prime, unique, or statewide or locally important soils.  
2ciii. A map/aerial photo showing current land uses/types on offered acres.  
2civ. Historical or archeological resources.  
2cv. Protected parcels.  
2cvi. Estimate value of the easement.  
2cvii. Easement document.  
2cviii. Accessibility to markets/infrastructure.  
2cix. Certificate of NRCS Conservation Cooperator.  
2cx. Adjusted Gross Income.  
2cxi. Conservation plan.  
2cxii. AD-1026.  
2cxiii. SF-424.  

I certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information in this application for federal assistance and in the supporting materials is true, correct and complete;

Signature for entity applying