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Silverleaf phacelia

9081632 Silverleaf phacelia Phacelia hastata

Scientific Name: Phacelia hastata Dougl. ex Lehm.
Family Name: Waterleaf (Hydrophyllaceae)
Common Name: silverleaf phacelia

Morphological Characteristics:
- native perennial forb, suberect to prostrate, several stems (white-woolly in color) from a branched, woody rootstock, plant mostly over 15 cm (6 in.) tall, up to 50 cm (20 in.) in height.
Leaves - alternate and entire, a pair of small lobes at the base of blade often present, prominently veined, covered with silky, silvery-white hairs, upper leaves smaller.
Flower - curled to coiled, snail-shell shaped cyme, appears bristly as a result of extended stamens, petals fused into a five-lobed "funnel", typically dull white or lavender.
Fruit - capsule.

Blooming: late spring to early summer and seed matures in mid- to late-August.

Distribution & Habitat: widespread, seldom very conspicuous, open, dry plains and valleys, often in sandier places; look for large, robust communities on harsh sites; * 5 varieties identified that exist in our area - form varies from low and prostrate, to tall and erect.

photo of single silverleaf phacelia plant photo of silverleaf phacelia growing at Bridger Plant materials Center Phacelia hastata seeds.

line drawing of silverleaf phacelia












Line drawing from Vascular Plants of the Pacific Northwest, 1959. C. L. Hitchcock, et al.