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Tribal Assistance

Partnerships with American Indian Tribes

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. Originally founded during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s as the Soil Erosion Service and later renamed the Soil Conservation Service, the agency provides technical assistance to private landowners and users to assist them in planning for the conservation and improvement of natural resources. Employees are trained to develop conservation systems for soil, water, air, and related plant and animal resources.

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Serving American Indians

NRCS and American Indians share a common interest in conserving and managing the natural resources of our earth. To help meet our goal of providing high quality conservation products and services to American Indian operators, offices are located on each of the seven reservations serving the ten tribes located in Montana. NRCS is committed to providing assistance to American Indian producers and tribes in planning for and managing natural resources.

map- NRCS Field Offices on Indian Reservations in Montana

Links to Tribal Offices

American Indian tribes work with NRCS on a variety of initiatives that include resource inventories and the adaptation of our conservation programs to fit the special needs of their people and their land. Many tribes also maintain web sites containing information specific to their land and people. The following is a partial list of those and other related sites.

For More Information

Tribal Conservationists

To obtain more information, or to request assistance, please contact the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service office at the number listed below, or contact the NRCS State Office for Montana at 406-587-6811.

NRCS Tribal Conservationists and Contact Information
Reservation NRCS Field Office Telephone E-mail Link Tribes Served
Blackfeet Browning 406-338-3153 Anne Stephens Blackfeet
Crow Crow Agency 406-638-9102 or
406 665-3442 extension 3220
Seanna Torske Crow
Fort Belknap Fort Belknap 406-353-8488 Shaun Holcomb Fort Belknap Indian Community (Gros Ventre and Assiniboine)
Northern Cheyenne Lame Deer 406-477-6494 Kathy Knobloch Northern Cheyenne
Flathead Pablo 406-675-2700  extension 1245 Herb Webb Confederated Salish and Kootenai
Fort Peck Poplar 406-768-3964 Paul Finnicum Sioux and Assiniboine
Rocky Boy Rocky Boy’s 406-352-3138 Carlee Elke Chippewa Cree
Turtle Mountain Poplar 406-768-3964 Paul Finnicum  

Tribal Liaisons

NRCS Montana has also designated two Tribal Liaisons who convene regular Tribal Conservationist meetings; advise the State Leadership Team and various committees (Civil Rights Advisory Committee, Employee Development) on programmatic, technical, training and outreach needs; and will assist in the establishment of a Tribal State Technical Committee.

  • West Tribal Liaison serves the Blackfeet, Flathead, and Rocky Boy Reservations:
    Anne Stephens 406-338-3153
  • East Tribal Liaison serves the Ft. Belknap, Ft. Peck, Northern Cheyenne, and Crow Reservations:
    Leon LaSalle 406-265-6792 extension 118