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Technical Service Provider Electronic Reference Materials

Technical Service Provider Handbook, First Edition, September 2005.
This detailed 77 page handbook provides guidance on the procedure that NRCS will use when a producer requests the services of a Technical Service Provider.

Technical Service Providers Montana NRCS Web Page
This is the main page for obtaining online Montana TSP forms, information and NRCS Policy relating to Technical Service Providers with links to various sites. Pay particular attention to forms TSP-1, TSP-2, TSP-3, and the Engineering Practice Eligibility Fact Sheet.

Technical Service Providers (TechReg)
This is NRCS’s online tool for Technical Service Providers to get an eAuthentication log-in, provide resume information, register for certification, and manage their TSP profiles. Also provides links to National NRCS Policy documents, training sites, and Tech Reg News, TSP Express and the current Not-To-Exceed (NTE) Rates. This is also the site where the public can access your TSP resume.

TSP Reference Documentation and Performance Requirements (PDF; 66 KB)
This 11-page document outlines documentation and performance requirements for TSP assistance on NRCS projects. Technical Service Providers should understand all the requirements outlined in this document.

Montana NRCS Home Page
This is the main page for obtaining online information about Montana NRCS. This page provides links to numerous sites including USDA programs, technical resources, TSP information, handbooks & manuals, practice standards, specifications, forms, worksheets, and so forth.

Montana NRCS Employee and Service Center Directories
A listing of Montana NRCS personnel including locations, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth.

NRCS Electronic Field Office Technical Guide (eFOTG)
The 5 Field Office Technical Guides are the primary scientific references used by NRCS. Technical Service Providers will most likely be using Section IV (Practice Standards and Specifications) most often. As such, each Technical Service Provider should develop a good understanding of all parts contained within Section IV.

NRCS National Engineering Manual
This is the primary policy manual for all engineering activities. Technical Service Providers should develop a good understanding of Part 505-Non NRCS Engineering; Part 511-Design; and Part-541-Drafting and Drawings.

There are some State supplements to the Manual that are not available online. Check with the responsible NRCS contact for your projects.

NRCS Specifications
Standardized construction and material specifications are available. The most commonly used specifications are Montana specifications. National specifications are also available.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Joe Little at 406-587-6861.

This reference list is also available in Acrobat Reader format.